Volume 9, Issue 2, Spring 1999

Up Front

Up Front

Spineless in Academia
John Leo

Message From Oregon: Choose Death, We'll Pay
Nat Hentoff

Helping Teachers Take Root
Cynthia Parsons


Bowling with Tocqueville: Civic Engagement
Everett C. Ladd
Are we really "bowling alone," and if so, is that a problem?

Inside Japan's Community Controls: Lessons for America?
John O. Haley
"The nail that sticks out is hammered down" -- a revealing metaphor for Japanese society. Can such a stifling community have anything good to teach us?

Valuing Marital Commitment: The Radical Restructuring of our Tax and Transfer Systems
C. Eugene Steuerle
The so-called "marriage penalty" is much larger than you think

The Driven Society: Why Americans Don't Listen to Car Critics
Anne Mackin
We're always being told to stop driving so much. Why won't we listen?

Virtue and the State: A Dialogue Between a Communitarian and a Social Conservative
Amitai Etzioni and Robert P. George
What is the proper role of the state in fostering virtuous behavior? For that matter, which behaviors are virtuous?


The Community Bookshelf

The Politics of Race: Justice, Violence, and Misinformation
Steven M. Teles
Review essay on John Skrentny's The Ironies of Affirmative Action, Randal Kennedy's Race, Crime and the Law, and Jim Sleeper's Liberal Racism, three recent books that provide lessons for liberals, conservatives, and the New York City Police.

Liberalism and the Catholic Ethic
William D'Antonio
Review of Catholicism and Liberalism: Contributions to American Public Philosophy, R. Bruce Douglass and David Hollenbach, eds.

Order from Chaos; Public Interest from Greed
Lawrence E. Mitchell
Review of Jerry L. Mashaw's Greed, Chaos, and Governance: Using Public Choice to Improve Public Law.

Libertarians, Authoritarians, Communitarians -- Rachel Mears


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