Volume 9, Issue 1, Winter 1998/1999

Essays on the occasion of Amitai Etzioni's 70th birthday, and the 10th year of the communitarian movement.

Congratulatory Messages

President William Jefferson Clinton
Vice President Albert Gore Jr.
First Lady Hilary Rodham Clinton
William J. Bennett
Betty Friedan
William A. Galston


Taking Autonomy Seriously: Some Liberal Doubts about The New Golden Rule
William R. Lund

Macroscopic Action - On Amitai Etzioni's Contribution to Social Theory
Hans Joas

The Apolitics of Community (in an Era without Politics)
Dennis H. Wrong

From Compliance to Community in the Works of Amitai Etzioni
Edward W. Lehman

The Particulars

The Rules of Engagement and the Argument Culture
Deborah Tannen

When Theory Meets Practice: Communitarian Ethics and the Family
Don Browning

Communitarian Families: A New Center, Not a Compromise
David M. Anderson

Genetic Fix at Twenty-Five
Thomas Magnell

The World

Toward an International Human Rights (and Responsibilities) Regime: Some Obstacles
Daniel A. Bell

Rediscovering British Communitarianism
Henry Tam

A Spanish Perspective on Communitarianism
Jose Perez Adan

Further Challenges

Making Communities More Responsive
Robert E. Goodin

Amitai Etzioni: An American Individual
Everett C. Ladd

Tough Questions for Liberal Communitarians
Benjamin R. Barber

Roadblocks on the Deliberative Path
Dennis Chong

Commitment, the Multiple-Self Approach, and Communitarianism
Elias L. Khalil


Note: A special thanks to the co-editors and others for their editorial assistance and guidance. For obvious reasons, our regular editor, Amitai Etzioni, sat this issue out. The issue editor was Daniel Doherty.

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