Volume 8, Issue 4, Fall 1998

Up Front

The End of Triumphalism
Amitai Etzioni

Rights for Gangs, Handcuffs for Neighborhoods
Roger Conner


Liberty, Community, and Framer's Intent
JoEllen Lind
Were the Framers unrepentant individualists or champions of republican virtue? Or, is this simply the wrong question to ask?

Evolutionary Psychology and our Mythical Dark Nature
Philip Yancey
A host of leading scientists believe all human behavior can be explained by the "selfish gene" theory. If so, from where do moral yearnings arise?

Esteeming the "Responsible" Self
James L. Nolan Jr.
Can "self-esteem" and "responsibility" live together?

Beyond Self-Interest: Why People Obey Laws and Accept Judicial Decisions
Tom R. Tyler
Could procedural justice be more important to people than the substance ofthe verdict?

Europe: Economic Union May Not Be Enough
Gerard Lyons
Can a European union survive without political unification?

Same-Sex Marriage and Communal Dialogue
Milton C. Regan, Jr.
People assert either that marriage is ordained as heterosexual by God and/or by nature, or claim that it is a universal right that should be open to all couples. Is there room for dialogue?

Civil Society: Attacked from All Corners
Don Eberly
Civil society is a mushy notion that stifles dissent, undermines responsibility, and subverts democracy. It also causes cancer and has impeded U.N. inspectors in Iraq.

The Community Bookshelf

New Immigration Hurts Old Immigrants - Nathan Glazer
Review of Roberto Suro's Strangers Among Us: How Latino Immigration Is Transforming America

Libertarian Smoke -- Franklin Zimring and Gordon Hawkins
Review of Jacon Sullum's For Your Own Good: The Anti-Smoking Crusadeand the Tyranny of Public Health

Libertarians, Authoritarians, Communitarians -- Nora Pollock

Research Note -- Covenant Marriage: Louisiana Update

Social Science Update: Youth Employment -- Barbara Fusco

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