Volume 8, Issue 3, Summer 1998

Up Front

Flip-Side of the First Amendment
Michael Eisner

Character Education in the First Three Years of Life
Norton Garfinkle

Freedom of the Press: Freedom from Accountability?
Nat Hentoff


A Public Philosophy for the 21st Century
William A.Galston
From public policy to Constitutional interpretation, a leading politicaltheorist provides a thorough explication and defense of the philosophy of"liberal community."

Self-Government on the Internet
Ira Magaziner
Guidelines for the Private Sector

Empowering the Consumer
Esther Dyson
Information collected on the Internet is compiled, sold, and used by corporations to aim marketing salvos at consumers, threatening consumers' privacy. And materials that may be acceptable for adults are placed within the reach of children. Many are calling for legislation. But could the private sector regulate itself?

Peer Marriage
Pepper Schwartz
Is the two-parent family worth trying to save? If the answer is yes,do we have to return to the differentiated roles of past decades to give marriages the durability they are now lacking? Or does the best solution lie in a new, emerging model: the peer marriage -- which entails a lot more than just having a two-income family.

Curbing Teen Pregnancy: A Divided Community Acts Together
Jeffrey S. Luke and Kathryn Robb Neville
Coming to a consensus and then acting is the best way for a community to solve its problems, right? An Oregon county's experience dealing with teen pregnancy provides some unexpected answers.

A Note on Trust
Eric M. Uslaner
Trusting others is risky, but the rewards are richer than one might think

The Community Bookshelf

Beyond Sentiment and Place: The Tangible Ingredients of Community Dennis Hale
Review of Gordana Rabrenovic's Community Builders: A Tale of Neighborhood Mobilization in Two Cities and Meredith Ramsay's Community, Culture, and Economic Development: The Social Roots of Local Action

Libertarians, Authoritarians, Communitarians -- Nora Pollock

The Community's Pulse

Commentary -- Jerome A. Barron, H.S. Kelly


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