Volume 8, Issue 2, Spring 1998

Up Front

Verdict from the Community: It's BothStupid
E.J. Dionne Jr.

Don't Blame Me, I'm Sick
John Leo


Medical Decision Making: A Role for the Family?
Mark G. Kuczewski
When it comes to the important medical decisions that patients confront, how should the family's role be understood? Should family member's feelings and values be balanced with those of the partient? Should the patient's preferences trump all? Or is there another option?

The Right to Be Wrong -- Heretical Thoughts of an Ex-Newscaster
Carl Stern
The Constitution grants the press a great deal of freedom, and rightly so. But have Court rulings gone too far, actually encouraging the press to be irresponsible?

Managing Confrontations: Lessons from Abroad
Deborah Tannen
Fighting may be universal, but the ways fights are conducted, and the social purposes they serve, vary greatly.

Developing Civil Society: Can the Workplace Replace Bowling?
Alan Wolfe
People may be bowling alone, but usually they still work in groups. What does this mean for the nature of American civil society?

A Case for Individualism: From Des Moines to Durkheim
David R. Karp
Communitarians typically wonder how solidarity may be achieved in modern, invidualistic societies. According to Durkheim, who is often considered a communitarian, the answer lies in the universal sympathies contained within the doctrine of individualism itself.

The Community Bookshelf

The Individual and Community in Early America
Daniel Walker Howe
Review of Barry Shain's The Myth of American Individualism: The Protestant Origins of American Thought, Michael Zuckert's Natural Rights and the New Republicanism, and J. David Greenstone's The Lincoln Persuasion: Remaking American Liberalism

In Addition

An R.C. Document -- A Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities

Libertarians, Authoritarians, Communitarians - Nora Pollock

The Community's Pulse

Kaleideoscope - Tim Bloser

Arlene Skolnick
Norval Glenn
Arnold Simmel
Edward Gross


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