Volume 8, Issue 1, Winter 1997/1998

Up Front

John Leo

When Whites Are Discriminated Against
Nat Hentoff

Thou Shalt Not Help Thy Kids
Amitai Etzioni


Community and the First Amendment: A Vital Tension
Robert C. Post
The First Amendment protects offensive speech. Such speech, though, runs counter to the civility that is one of the foundations of community. Next step?

Can Faith-Based Groups Save Us?
Joe Klein
Religious organizations have recently had remarkable success in tackling seemingly intractable social problems - from homelessness to at-risk youths. But can these faith-based groups serve as the cornerstones of social services, receiving financial support from the government? Would this violate the separation of church and state? Might the faith-based groups be corrupted in the process? Joe Klein's exploration of these questions is followed by six perspectives on the issue

Symposium - Elliot Abrams, James R. Kelly, Julie A. Segal, Robert L. Woodson Sr., Harold O.J. Brown, and Richard M. Valelly

In Support of a Victims' Rights Constitutional Amendment?
Laurence A Tribe
What could lead a prominent liberal legal scholar to look well beyond the traditional liberal emphasis on the rights of the criminal?

Self-Sacrifice, Self-Fulfillment, and Mutuality: The Evolution of Marriage
Don Browning
While the changing nature and nroms of family life elicit varying opinions, one thing is certain: There is no turning back.

Manufacturing Jobs, Local Ownership, and the Social Health of Cities - A Research Note
Barry Castro
We may know that economics matter, but we often don't know how much or in what ways.

Community Action

In a Crooked Mirror: America's Changing Views on Fertility

The Community Bookshelf

Beyond Hope? - Michael Zank
Review of Jonathan Sacks's The Politics of Hope

In Addition

Libertarians, Authoritarians, Communitarians - Nora Pollock
Social Science Update: Children - Barbara Fusco

Community News

Commentary - Vincent Jones, David Baez


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