Volume 7, Issue 3, Summer 1997

Up Front

How to Argue in a Democracy
John Leo

A New Fourth: A National Unity Day?
Amitai Etzioni


Asian versus "Universal" Human Rights
Bilahari Kausikan
A top Singaporean official challenges the notion that "Western" ideal can be applied to places such as China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Asia's Unacceptable Standard
Aryeh Neier
Responding to Kausikan, the author takes a critical look at accusations of Western cultural imperialism made by Asian leaders.

How Therapists Threaten Marriages
William J. Doherty
After just two sessions, a psychologist recommends that a woman end her 18-year marriage, a marriage that until one month prior appeared relatively healthy. Was this just a case of a hasty therapist, or something more?.

The Duty to Rescue: A Liberal-Communitarian Approach
Steven J. Heyman
U.S. law does not require you to throw a rope to a drowning person. Is this reliance on people's altruism appropriate, or should we seek to enforce such good behavior by law?

Multiculturalism, "Cannon," and Community
Christopher Clausen
Neither devotion to a pre-set Western cannon, nor worship of the cult of multiculturalism, is what higher education or the community at large deserves.

Devolution and Equity: Lessons from Germany and Boston
Rita Schneider-Sliwa
As we extend more responsibilities to the states and localities, it might be wise to look at programs that have already been tried.

The Community Bookshelf

The Journalist's Dilemma
Christopher Conte
Review of Arthur Charity's Doing Public Journalism


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