Volume 6, Issue 4, Fall 1996

Up Front

Disabled, Not Dead
Nat Hentoff

Rethinking Education for Citizenship
Joseph Kahne

Notes on Public and Personal Character
Amitai Etzioni


Social Justice: A Communitarian Perspective
Philip Selznick
Does a commitment to community require a commitment to social justice? A leading theorist emphatically answers yes, and presents the basic principles of such a commitment.

Communitarian Bioethics: A Pious Hope?
Daniel Callahan
New medical procedures are constantly changing the options facing humanity. One supposed role of bioethics is to critically examine the potential impact of such options on the community. Unfortunately, this is a role bioethics seems to have abandoned.

Public Housing Safety versus Tenants Rights
Dennis Saffran
When drug dealers use public housing in the plying of their trade, should their families face eviction?

On Making Lawyers Truly Officers of the Court
A Communitarian Symposium
A panel of legal experts addresses the following question: Does a lawyer have commitments beyond those to his or her client? The answer, perhaps surprisingly, focuses less on lawyers and more on judges.

Freedom, Solidarity, Individual Responsibility: Reflections on the Relationship Between Politics, Money, and Morality
Rudolf Scharping
A leading European Social Democrat calls for the left to meet communitarians mid-way.

Community Action

A High-Rise Village
Michael D'Antonio

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