Volume 6, Issue 3, Summer 1996

Up Front

An Economics of Civil Society Representative
David E. Bonior

Race: A Case for Optimism
Randall Kennedy

Less Privacy Is Good for Us (and You)
Amitai Etzioni

Let Children Be Children
Albert Shanker


Two Theories of Modernity
Charles Taylor
A leading philosopher examines the limitations of the standard model used to explain the rise of modern societies, and makes the case for an alternative approach: There is no singular End of History.

Social Science Finds: "Marriage Matters"
Linda J. Waite
An array of findings reveals the varied benefits of marriage, including facts that even our grandparents did not know.

Balancing the Individual and the Community: Canada versus the United States
Seymour Martin Lipset and Amy Bunger Pool
Does Canada have a unique national identity or is it simply the 51st state? A close look at the political and legal cultures of the two nations provides an instructive answer.

Civil Is Not Good Enough
Christopher Beem
Civil society-that supposed elixir for what ails us-has as much potential to divide our nation as it does to revive us.

Circles of Support
Michael Peterson
A number of communities have taken steps to allow persons with disabilities to lead fuller, more communitarian lives. In doing this, surprising benefits have flowed back to the community.

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