Volume 6, Issue 2, Spring 1996

Up Front

To Transcend Identity Politics: A New Paradigm
Betty Friedan

The Power of Deliberation
Amy Gutmann

Parental Filters
Amitai Etzioni


The Politics of Community: Robert F. Kennedy versus Ronald Reagan
Michael J. Sandel
Politicians as diverse as RFK and Reagan have attempted to address the defining anxieties of our age: the loss of meaningful self-government and the erosion of community. The lessons of their efforts.

Can Associations of Businesses Be True Community-Builders?
James Traub
When business groups attempt to provide services that are traditionally associated with government, should we expect efficiency, abuses of power, or something else? An experiment in New York City has provided some interesting answers.

Value and Values: Whom Should Corporations Serve?
Nell Minow
Is it possible for the modern corporate structure to serve the community at large? Should it even try?

Who Killed Modern Manners?
Judith Martin
Modern manners did not simply die. They were murdered.

A Few Questions For Communitarians
David M. Anderson
As communitarian thought spreads, it must clarify its position on a number of practical and theoretical issues.

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