Volume 6, Issue 1, Winter 1995/1996

Up Front

When Redistribution and Economic Growth Fail
Senator Dan Coats

Competing Rights: Student vs. Student
Albert Shanker

Make Bombs, Not Porn?
Amitai Etzioni

Do You Know Where Your Children Are?
John Leo

Tax Breaks for Pedophiles
Evan Gahr


AIDS Prevention vs. Cultural Sensitivity
Ronald Bayer
While the beliefs and values of specific communities should be respected by the community at large, something must give when this principle collides with efforts to contain a deadly disease.

The Changing Precontractual Frame of Modern Society
Adam B. Seligman
An analysis of autonomy and changing notions of the individual suggests that the apparent divide between communitarianism and liberalism may not be what it seems.

Hispanic Immigration: Beyond the Melting Pot and the Mosaic
Roberto Suro
An examination of recent Hispanic immigrants forces us to reconsider the models we use to describe the American experience.

Community Properly Understood: A Defense of "Democratic Communitarianism"
Robert N. Bellah
While we cannot return to a world of small, face-to-face communities-with their shared beliefs and values-the principles behind such communities still have significance.

A Gangsta's Rights
Roger L. Conner
Which is greater: a neighborhood's right to a peaceful environment, or a gang member's right to intimidate people with a crowbar? A court's answer may surprise you.

Hope Dreams
Wight Martindale Jr.
New York's West 4th Street Basketball League attracts big names and even has produced pros. But those are its secondary accomplishments.

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