Volume 5, Issue 4, Fall 1995

Up Front

On Making Lawyers a Bit More Socially Responsible
Amitai Etzioni

Entertainment Violence: Rights, Regulation, and the Radical Right
Myriam Miedzian

Not Too Calvinist
John Leo


Crime and Punishment: Where Does Repentance Fit?
Jeffrie G. Murphy
In today's world, talk of repentance is considered quaint and old-fashioned or, at best, "religious". Actually, repentance could serve a useful role, both in our secular penal system and in society at large.

Residential Community Associations: Community or Disunity?
Daniel A. Bell
Are private communities, which are rapidly gaining popularity, healthy examples of voluntary association, or seedbeds of balkanization and NIMBY-ism?

Public Deliberation: What Talk Radio Can't Do
David Mathews
Politics-from elections to talk radio-treats citizens as consumers who must be properly led and properly catered to. Perhaps this narrow view of politics reveals one of our deepest problems.

When "Taxpayers" Become "Citizens": One Mayor's Story
Daniel Kemmis
A politician's shining moment: A ribbon cutting? No. A new sports franchise? No. A mutiny? Well, at least that's in the ballpark.

Children, Parental Guidance, and Emotional Intelligence
Daniel Goleman
Scientists are beginning to discover the importance of "emotional intelligence." It is critical for psychological health, for good personal relationships, and for the skills that make for a good society.

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