Volume 5, Issue 3, Summer 1995

Up Front

Devolution: A Much Over Stated Case
Amitai Etzioni

The Brain: His and Hers
John Leo

The 1950s: Nostalgic Illusions?
Alan Ehrenhalt


A Precarious Balance: Economic Opportunity, Civil Society, and Political Liberty
Ralf Dahrendorf
As nations become further enmeshed in the global economy, new challenges are emerging. Is it possible to promote economic flexibility without undermining community? Can political liberty remain a priority in the face of challenging economic conditions? These and other questions are addressed by one of the West's leading intellectuals.

Not Just the Sins of Our Fathers
Charles Kamasaki
Continuing our dialogue on affirmative action, the author argues that it is not only past discrimination that public policy must seek to remedy.

What Makes a Good Urban Park?
Peter Katz
Modern parks are often victims of their own designs. But a few simple guidelines can enable parks to achieve their aesthetic, social, and political purposes.
Community Action

Community-Building Strategies in Smaller Cities: Longview and Tyler, Texas
Carole J. Hamner

Tax Credits and Family Values
C. Eugene Steuerle
The tax system's primary purpose may be to raise money. But it also can express what value our nation places on marriage and children.

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