Volume 5, Issue 1, Winter 1994/1995

Up Front

We the Jury Find...
Stephen J. Adler

America United
Albert Shanker

A Shift in Family Values
John Leo


The Civil Society: Beyond the Public-Private Dichotomy
David Hollenbach, S.J.
Liberals argue that we must limit deep discussions of the good life to the private realm. But can we afford to?

Communitarianism in Germany
Hans Joas
German intellectuals have for years been understandably uncomfortable with notions of "community." But now reunification has led some to look for communitarian solutions.

Community Journalism
Alicia C. Shepard
Journalism and the public team up in a search for solutions to community woes.

Bridging Psychotherapy and Moral Responsibility
William Doherty
For years psychotherapy has attempted to free individuals from irrational commitments. But ought its concern for individual well-being broaden to include social responsibilities? Looking for Community on the Internet
Evan Schwartz
Is the new age of technology going to strengthen community ties or isolate us?

Cities with a Heart
Robert Levine
What factors determine whether people in different cities are helpful to others? Find out if your city is a generous one.

From the Community Bookshelf

Oh Ye of Little Faith - Review of Stephen L. Carter's The Culture of Disbelief: How American Law and Politics Trivialize Religious Devotion
R. Stephen Warner

In Addition

Especially Noted - Dana Mitra
Moral State of the Union - The Commitment Gap
Authoritarians, Libertarians, Communitarians - David E. Carney
Community News


School Prayer and Legislators Don't Mix
Yes, Legislators Should Keep Out of the School-Prayer Controversy - USA TODAY editorial
No, Legislators Can Help to End the Confusion - John Alan Sekulow

Amitai Etzioni
Emily Aspen
Philip Devine


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