Volume 3, Issue 2, Spring 1993

Up Front

The Healthy Community: Health Care Reform, Rights, and Responsibilities
Jeremy D. Rosner

Putting Price Tags on Lives in Oregon
Nat Hentoff

The Moral Voice of Welfare Reform
Douglas J. Besharov

What Baird Did Right
Amita i Etzioni


The Failings of Neutrality
John Gray
Tolerance is a thing of the past, and neutrality has become the new byword. Yet value-neutrality is the very pitfall we must avoid. Take, for instance, the issue of homosexual marriages. . .

Communitarian Search and Seizure
David Schuman
A Communitarian approach to the Fourth Amendment is based on the legislature, not the judiciary, interpreting the community's values.

The De-Regulation of Family Law: In Whose Best Interests?
Mary Ann Mason
The last two decades have witnessed a revolution in divorce and custody law that accompanied our break from the traditional family. But one important player has fallen through the cracks: children. What is to be done?

Community Action

Ethnicity in New York City: Pulling Together through Adversity
Dennis DeLeon

From the Community Bookshelf

The Libertarian Conundrum: Why the Market Does Not Safeguard Civil Rights: Review of Richard Epstein's Forbidden Grounds: The Case Against Employment Discrimination Laws
Alan Wolfe

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