Volume 3, Issue 1, Fall 1992/1993

Up Front

To Stay the Communitarian Course
Amitai Etzioni
The struggle over the soul of the Clinton administration is on. Here are recommendations to help ensure that the new president's communitarian spirit will not be suppressed.

A Communitarian Budget: Deficit Reduction and Job Creation
William Galston
Moral principles can clarify our budget priorities.

A New Covenant for Reforming Entitlements
Robert J. Shapiro
A cap on entitlements isn't only a way to slash the deficit; it's also the only fair thing to do.

Inner-City Crime: What the Federal Government Should Do
John J. DiIulio, Jr.
Community-based measures to make good on our commitment to inner-city residents.

Restructuring National Defense Priorities
Lawrence Korb
What a scaled-back military will mean for our society.

The Twin Problems of the U.S. Economy
Barry Bosworth
A focus on long-run economic policy will pay off in the short-run.

Social Responsibility and Social Accounting: Time for a New Ledger
Neil Gilbert
A "New Ledger" for a "New Covenant": a method of social accounting that weighs citizens' rights to public benefits against their obligations as members of society.

Drug Abuse Control Policy: Libertarian, Authoritarian, Liberal, and Communitarian Perspectives
Mark Kleiman
Can a communitarian approach to drug abuse control do better than other failed political philosophies?

Sexual Harassment, Second Degree
A. E.
How shall we treat different degrees of sexual harassment, ranging from aggravated to marginal? And should there be a statute of limitations?

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