Volume 2, Issue 3, Summer 1992

Up Front

Laudable and Troubling Communitarian Acts in L.A.
Amitai Etzioni

After Los Angeles: Reforming the Jury System
George P. Fletcher

A Very Dubious Right: Pederasty in the Public Library
Roger L. Conner and Robert Teir


Beyond Teledemocracy: "America on the Line"
James S. Fishkin

Scenes From 1992
Jean Bethke Elshtain

Representation vs. Direct Democracy: Excessive Initiative, Too Short Terms, Too Little Respect For Politics and Politicians
Aaron Wildavsky

Designing Responsive Regulatory Institutions
Ian Ayres and John Braithwaite

Community Action

On Common Ground: Pro-Life and Pro-Choice
Tamar Lewin

The Second National Communitarian Teach-in, New York City, May 19, 1992
Opening Statements by Mary Ann Glendon and William Galston

Authoritarians, Libertarians, and Communitarians

From the Community Bookshelf

The Social Foundations of Moral Conduct: Review of Thomas L. Shaffer's American Lawyers and Their Communities: Ethics in the Legal Profession
Robert F. Cochran, Jr.

About Communitarians

Communitarian Voices in the Election


More on the Limits of Libertarianism
David D. Boaz
William A. Niskanen
Thomas Spragens, Jr.

Jackson Toby
Todd Volker
Philip E. Devine
Paul G. Kuntz

An R.C. Document


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