Volume 13, Issue 2, Spring 2003


Deciding Who Should Speak on Campus - Deborah Tannen
Squandering Volunteerism - Amitai Etzioni


Does Socio-Economic Inequality Undermine Community? Implications for Communitarian Theory - Richard M. Coughlin
Why communitarians should worry more about inequality.

The Dangers of School District Consolidation - Alan Ehrenhalt
Fearing for the survival of their communities, the citizens of small-town Arkansas are protesting the governor's latest proposal.

Rudeness in America - Deborah Wadsworth
Has rudeness become the norm? A new survey reveals some interesting findings.

Immigrants and Minorities in Liberal Democracies
Three distinguished scholars comment on Diversity Within Unity: A New Approach to Immigrants and Minorities [Winter 2002/03]. The platform's drafter responds.

  • Religious Disestablishment in Western Europe: An Undervalued Step toward "Diversity Within Unity" - David A. Hollinger

  • A Closer Look at Unity: What Social Cohesion Does and Does Not Require - Rainer Bauböck

  • Taking Immigrants' Rights Seriously - Ruth Rubio-Marín

  • In Defense of Diversity Within Unity - Amitai Etzioni


The Community Bookshelf

  • Piety and Civility in the Public Arena - Edward W. Lehman

  • Review of Philip Selznick's The Communitarian Persuasion

  • What Is Civil Society (and Is It Really a Good Thing)? - Francesca Polletta

  • Review of Civil Society and Government, edited by Nancy L. Rosenblum and Robert C. Post

The Community's Pulse


A Communitarian Gem: Article 41 of the New Swiss Constitution - Winfried Brugger

Libertarians, Authoritarians, Communitarians

Commentary - Isabel V. Sawhill

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