Volume 13, Issue 1, Winter 2002/03


Why Freedom Requires Community - British Home Secretary David Blunkett
The Split Personality of Corporate America - David Vogel
Peace before Justice: Settling the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict - Amitai Etzioni and Shibley Telhami


War without Sacrifice? The Loss of Personal Responsibility - Cheyney Ryan
Many Americans support wars but aren't willing to make the sacrifices they require. How have war and personal responsibility become disassociated in the minds of Americans, and how can they be reconnected?

Diversity Within Unity: A New Approach to Immigrants and Minorities
A platform endorsed by scholars and public leaders from around the globe presents a new vision for accommodating the increasing diversity of free societies without giving up shared values and identities.

Is Interracial Marriage Morally Wrong for African Americans?- Anita L. Allen
Many African Americans feel that out-marriage is a betrayal of the black community and is harmful to their families and themselves. A prominent legal and ethical theorist says the worries are legitimate, but the conclusion is wrong.

Bully or Partner? A Dialogue on the United States's Role in the World
With Max Boot, Morton Halperin, and Charles Kupchan


The Community Bookshelf

Bolstering the Family - Friedhelm Neidhardt
Review of Familienwissenschaftliche und Familienpolitische Signale: Max Wingen zum 70, edited by Bernhard Jans, André Habisch, and Erich Stutzer

An R.C. Document
How We Can Coexist

Over 150 Saudi Arabian intellectuals respond to "What We're Fighting For: A Letter from America." (For additional responses to "What We're Fighting For," see the website of the Institute for American Values.)

The Community's Pulse

Libertarians, Authoritarians, Communitarians

Commentary - Richard A. Epstein, Harry Clor

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