Volume 12, Issue 4, Fall 2002

Up Front

The Dialogue between Cultures - Johannes Rau
The Benefits of Surveillance - Eugene Volokh


The Trouble with Bonding - Stephen Macedo
The distinction between bridging and bonding social capital helps to understand why public policies sometimes disfavor certain religious groups - and why these policies may nonetheless be justified.

Is the War against Terrorism a Just War?

Note from the Editor: A Transnational Moral Dialogue

What We're Fighting For: A Letter from America

Sixty scholars and intellectuals argue that the military response to September 11 is a just war.

A Critical Response: "A Letter from United States Citizens to Friends in Europe" Over one hundred scholars and intellectuals, including leading progressive thinkers, argue that the war is not just and undermines the values it supposedly defends.

Libertarian Confusions - Stephen L. Elkin
A recent book by Richard Epstein reveals the problems at the heart of libertarian theory.

The Education of Business Leaders - Amitai Etzioni
A critical examination of ethics education in business schools.

The Community Bookshelf

Where's the Juice? - Mark Satin
A review of Ted Halstead and Michael Lind's The Radical Center: The Future of American Politics

Myths and Reality - Peter Skerry
A review of Mark R. Warren's Dry Bones Rattling: Community Building to Revitalize American Democracy

Morality in America - William M. Sullivan
A review of Alan Wolfe's Moral Freedom: The Search for Virtue in a World of Choice

The Community's Pulse

Libertarians, Authoritarians, Communitarians

Commentary - Paul Rosenzweig, Jack M. Balkin

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