Volume 12, Issue 3, Summer 2002

Up Front

The Truth about Our Liberties - Richard A. Posner
Slot Machines, Boat Building, and the Future of Philanthropy - Edward Skloot

Symposium: Can Postmodernists Condemn Terrorism?

Don't Blame Relativism - Stanley Fish
We can invoke universals all we want, but in the end we're fighting for our moral judgments.


Richard Rorty - "There Are No Universal Absolutes"
Benjamin R. Barber - "Our Morals Are Neither Arbitrary nor Absolute"
Joshua Cohen - "Who Cares What bin Laden Thinks?"
Cass Sunstein - "Can Fish Deny FDR's Four Freedoms?"
William A. Galston - "On the Definition of 'Terrorism'"
David Novak - "'America-Friendly' Relativism Isn't Good Enough"
Simon Blackburn - "Relativism's Ugly Siblings"
John Haldane - "The Vulgar Philosophy of Capitalism"
John D. Caputo - "We Are Not God"
Amitai Etzioni - "Start With Self-Evident Truths"
Charles W. Collier - "The Wrath of History"
Plus: A rejoinder from Stanley Fish


Accommodating Community: Expressive Freedom of Association in a Liberal Pluralist State - William A. Galston
Where should the state draw the line between reinforcing shared norms and granting an individual or group room to pursue its own ideas of what gives life meaning?

On a Communitarian Faith - Philip Selznick
Many recognize the strong relationship between religious and communitarian ideas; few are willing to consider it at length. Now a leading communitarian ventures into this rarely charted territory.

A Nation Worth Defending - Scott Simon
True, the United States has some severe flaws. But even a pacifist can be willing to fight for all that is right about it and all it may still become.


The Community Bookshelf

Beyond the New Golden Rule - Jonathan Marks
Review of Autonomy and Order: A Communitarian Anthology, edited by Edward W. Lehman.

The Moral Dimension of the Media
Patriots and Professionals: Journalists as Responsible Citizens - Steven V. Roberts
Libertarians, Authoritarians, Communitarians

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