Volume 12, Issue 2, Spring 2002

Up Front

Testing the Resilience of American Values -- Jeffrey Rosen
Is Racial Profiling a Liberal Myth? -- Heather Mac Donald


What Makes a War Just? - Jean Bethke Elshtain
Some wars are just; many are not. Drawing on one philosophical tradition in particular, Elshtain explains how we can tell the difference.

American Society After the Attacks

A Stronger Nation - Alan Wolfe
A look at what will change after September 11--and what won't.

The New Public Spirit - Bruce J. Schulman
Will September 11 recalibrate the balance between rights and responsibilities?

A New Era for National Service?
Though many people jointly celebrate a spirit of volunteerism and civic duty in America, more contentious is deciding how that spirit should translate into action. Four authors present their vision for the bounds and purpose of national service.

Putting Patriotism into Practice -- Senator John McCain
A New Draft for a New Time -- Paul Glastris
Citizenship and Sacrifice -- Michael Lind
For a Homeland Protection Force -- Amitai Etzioni

The Presidency in Wartime - Jay Winik
When the United States is at war, more responsibility--and power--inevitably rests with the president. And we're a stronger nation as a result.

Public Health in the Age of Bioterrorism: A Dialogue
If terrorists strike with a biological weapon, how far are we willing to go to contain the epidemic?


The Community Bookshelf

Class Dismissed -- Dennis Wrong
Review of Paul Kingston's The Classless Society

Origins and Transformations -- Adam B. Seligman
Review of Hans Joas's The Genesis of Values

The Community's Pulse

Community News
Rethinking Privatization -- Yochi Dreazen and Andrew Caffrey

Libertarians, Authoritarians, Communitarians

Commentary -- Jonathan Rauch, Roger Scruton

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