Volume 12, Issue 1, Winter 2001/2002

First Words

From The Editors
Rights and Responsibilities, 2001 -- Amitai Etzioni

Rights And Safety: An Overview

"A Clear and Present Danger" -- Attorney General John D. Ashcroft
A Vision for Uniting and Strengthening America -- Senator Patrick Leahy
We Can Strike a Balance on Civil Liberties -- Laurence H. Tribe

Specific Issues

A Primer on Antiterrorism Technology -- Thomas E. Weber

Freedom of the Press vs. National Security
Military Secrets and the First Amendment -- C. Robert Zelnick

A Privilege or a Right? -- Mark Krikorian
Fighting Terrorism--Not the Constitution -- David Cole
Confusing Freedom with License--Licenses Terrorism, Not Freedom -- Douglas W. Kmiec

Racial Profiling
Discrimination We're Afraid to Be Against -- Michael Kinsley
A (Potentially) Useful Tool -- John Derbyshire

Special Interests
Fighting the Airline Lobby -- Walter V. Robinson and Glen Johnson
Special Interests Lose Their Grip -- Jackson Diehl

The Role of the State
Government to the Rescue -- Albert R. Hunt
Responding to the Nightmare of Bioterrorism-- Laurie Garrett

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