Volume 11, Issue 2, Spring 2001

Up Front

Is Bush a Communitarian?
Dana Milbank

Keeping the Net Healthy
Esther Dyson

Good Intentions, Bad Idea
Stephen D. Krasner


Dismantling the Leviathan: Citizen and State in a Global World
Seyla Benhabib
If we are truly headed towards a global civil society, how should we decide who gets to join it?

Plus: A Response from Michael Walzer

Can There Be Healing through Justice?
David A. Crocker
"Restorative justice" has been hailed as a means to social harmony and democracy. But its flaws could prove critical to a nation's stability.

Reconciling Patients' Rights and God's Wisdom: Medical Decision Making in Pakistan
Farhat Moazam
After years of examining Western autonomy, Eastern theology, and family values worldwide, a physician makes an ambitious prescription: a crosscultural code of medical ethics.

The Well: Life, Death, and Social Norms in the Seminal Online Community
Katie Hafner
If you think that virtual communities lack the intensity of real-world communities, it's time for you to log on to The Well.


The Community Bookshelf
Character Study -- William Damon
Review of James Davison Hunter's The Death of Character
Dialogue: William Damon and James Davison Hunter

What Is the Third Way? -- Henry Tam
Review of Anthony Giddens's The Third Way and The Third Way and its Critics

The Politics of Loyalty -- William Lund
Review of Stanley Fish's The Trouble with Principle

Are There Two Communitarianisms? -- Jonathan Marks
Review of Amitai Etzioni's The Monochrome Society

The Moral Dimension of the Media Ad Nauseam -- David Blankenhorn

The Community's Pulse
Kaleidoscope: Strictly Cosmetic?

Libertarians, Authoritarians, Communitarians

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