Volume 10, Issue 4, Fall 2000

Up Front

A Nation Still Divided by Race
Nat Hentoff

Federal Role Reversal
Daniel Schorr

The Toughest Pill to Swallow
Amitai Etzioni


Towards a Transcultural Value System: A New Perspective on Relativism
Nicos Mouzelis
One can say "no" to the universality of the golden rule without saying "yes" to cultural relativism. Here's how.

Should We Put Faith in Charitable Choice?
Amy Sherman
A divisive topic since its inclusion in the 1996 welfare reform law, charitable choice has the potential to reconfigure church-state relations in the name of the public good. But does it work? Is it constitutional? In a symposium on the issue, Amy Sherman attempts to provide some answers-and Steven K. Green, Marvin Olasky, and Melissa Rogers respond with some new questions.

Religion, Resistance, and the Curious History of America's Public Schools
Stephen L. Carter
Why religion is an essential subversive force in America -and how the state has tried to nullify it

Traditional Values for the Digital Age
Tony Blair
A blueprint for balancing rights and responsibilities in the global community.


The Community Bookshelf
Appraising Social Capital
Alan Ehrenhalt
Review of Robert Putnam''s Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community.

Negotiating Consent
Linda J. Waite
Review of Linda R. Hirschman and Jane E. Larson's Hard Bargains: The Politics of Sex.

The Moral Dimension of the Media
First Amendment vs. Social Censure: A Colloquy on Media Responsibility
Research Note
Not Black and White: The Racial Attitudes of American Youth - Jason A. MacDonald, Lee Sigelman, and Steven A. Tuch

Civil Variety
Betting on Bids - Sharon Colley

Libertarians, Authoritarians, Communitarians

Commentary - Roger Kimball


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