Volume 10, Issue 2, Spring 2000

Up Front

Inequality in America: The Recent Evidence
Robert Z. Lawrence

A New American Race?
Amitai Etzioni


The Hidden Foundations of Liberal Society: "Thick" and "Thin" Versions of Liberalism
Ronald Beiner
According to some, we have reached the end of the liberal-communitarian debate. And the winner is . . . .

The Dangerous Claims of the Animal Rights Movement
Richard A. Epstein
Animals can feel pain, they can show anger, they can plan. So why shouldn't they have rights?

Overcoming Voter Isolation: Citizenship Beyond the Polls
Michael Schudson
What if the candidate you voted for thanked you by buying you a drink? That used to happen, here in America. Were they on to something?

The Power and Purpose of Jewish Law
Michael J. Broyde
An exploration of non-legal sources of law enforcement.

Privacy and Living Arrangements
Steven L. Nock
More privacy invites more, rather than less, intrusion.

Reflections on Responsibility: More than Just Following Rules
Philip Selznick
"Responsibility" has a specific legal meaning. But for families and communities to thrive, it must mean much more.


An R.C. Document
Preparing for Longer and More Varied Lives
Geoff Mulgan

From Our Critics
Communitarianism: A Medicine Worse than the Disease?
Václav Klaus

The Community Bookshelf
Building Inclusive Communities - Steven Jones
Review of Henry Tam's Communitarianism: A New Agenda for Politics and Citizenship.

The Moral Dimension of the Media
Government and Hollywood, Together Again
Paul Lieberman

Wrongs and Responsibilities: The United Nations and the Fall of Srebrenica

Authoritarians, Libertarians, Communitarians

Burns H. Weston


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