Volume 10, Issue 1, Winter 1999/2000

Up Front

Individualism and Civic Renewal
Michael K. Briand

Government: Getting Back to the Fundamentals
Robert Kuttner

A Nation of Minorities?
Amitai Etzioni


Tort Law and the Communitarian Foundations of Privacy
Robert C. Post
Privacy is about protecting the individual from society, right? Perhaps not, says one law professor.

The Negative Effects of Cohabitation
Linda J. Waite
If the marriage license is just a piece of paper, it's one powerful piece of paper.

Are Rights Universal? The "Asian Values" Debate
Daniel A. Bell
Are individual rights "self-evident" - or a Western taste?

Confucianism and Western Rights: Conflict or Harmony?
Hahm Chaibong
The Western tradition of liberalism is focused on protecting the individual from the arbitrary power of the state. Can the same can be found in Confucianism?

Children in Charge
Gina R. Dalfonzo
From a teenage Dangerous Liaisons (with sexual blackmail and all) to a television show with a topless mom-the latest media perversions.

Main Street Fights Back
Stacy Mitchell
A how-to guide for communities in the battle against Wal-Mart and The Gap. Departments
The Community's Pulse, the Community Bookshelf

A Libertarian-Communitarian Bridge?
David R. Karp
Review of Bruce Benson's To Serve and Protect: Privatization and Community in Criminal Justice.

The Moral Dimension of the Media
Sex, Sadness, and the City
Wendy Shalit

Libertarians, Authoritarians, Communitarians
Rachel Mears


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