Founding Endorsements
Signatures signify that we are of one mind on the broad thrust of this platform and the necessity of this intervention into the current dialogue, without necessarily agreeing to every single, specific statement.

Enola Aird (Activist mother, Connecticut) Rodolfo Alvarez (University of California, Los Angeles) John B. Anderson (Presidential Candidate, 1980) Benjamin R. Barber (Rutgers University; signing with exception to moral education section) Robert N. Bellah (University of California, Berkeley) Warren Bennis (University of Southern California) Janice M. Beyer (University of Texas, Austin; signing with exception to the family section) David Blankenhorn (President, Institute for American Values) John E. Brandl (University of Minnesota; former Minnesota State Senator, Representative) Joan Bronk (Former President, National Council of Jewish Women) Christine K. Cassel (The University of Chicago) James Childress (University of Virginia) Bryce J. Christensen (President, The Family in America, The Rockford Institute) Henry Cisneros (Former Mayor, San Antonio, Texas) John C. Coffee (Columbia University Law School) David Cohen (Co-Director, Advocacy Institute) Anthony E. Cook (Georgetown University Law School) Harvey Cox (Harvard Divinity School; signing with exception to cleaning up the polity section) Thomas E. Cronin (Colorado College) William D'Antonio (Catholic University) Dennis DeLeon (Commissioner and Chairman, New York City Commission on Human Rights) Thomas Donaldson (Georgetown University) Joseph Duffey (President, The American University) Thomas W. Dunfee (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) Stuart E. Eizenstat (Attorney, Washington, D.C.) Lloyd Elliott (President Emeritus, George Washington University) Jean Bethke Elshtain (Vanderbilt University) Amitai Etzioni (The George Washington University) Chester E. Finn, Jr. (Vanderbilt University) James Fishkin (University of Texas, Austin) Carol Tucker Foreman (Partner, Foreman & Heidepriem) Betty Friedan (New York City) Francis Fukuyama (The Rand Corporation) William A. Galston (University of Maryland) John W. Gardner (Stanford University) Neil Gilbert (University of California, Berkeley) J. Richard Gilliland (President, Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, Nebraska) Mary Ann Glendon (Harvard Law School) T. George Harris (New York, NY) David K. Hart (Brigham Young University) F. Barton Harvey III (The Enterprise Foundation) Jeffrey R. Henig (George Washington University) Albert O. Hirschman (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton) James Hunter (University of Virginia) Nicholas deB. Katzenbach (Attorney, Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perretti, and former Attorney General of the United States) Daniel Kemmis (Mayor, Missoula, Montana; signing with exception to second amendment section) Lawrence J. Korb (The Brookings Institution) Joyce A. Ladner (Vice President for Academic Affairs, Howard University) Hillel Levine (Boston University) George C. Lodge (Harvard Business School) Malcolm Lovell, Jr. (President, National Planning Association) Duncan MacRae, Jr. (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) Frank Mankiewicz (Vice Chairman, Hill and Knowlton) Gary Marx (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Thomas McCollough (Duke University) Sanford N. McDonnell (Chairman Emeritus, McDonnell Douglas) John L. McKnight (Northwestern University) Catherine Milton (Executive Director, The Commission on National and Community Service) Newton N. Minow (Former F.C.C. Chairman; Attorney, Chicago, Illinois) Charles Moskos (Northwestern University) Ilene H. Nagel (U.S. Sentencing Commission and Indiana University) William C. Norris (Chairman, William C. Norris Institute, Minneapolis, Minnesota) John Parr (President, National Civic League) Orlando Patterson (Harvard University) Michael Pertschuk (Co-Director, Advocacy Institute) Sylvia L. Peters (Founding Partner, The Edison Project) Chase N. Peterson (President-Emeritus, University of Utah) Grethe B. Peterson (University of Utah) Terry Pinkard (Georgetown University) David Popenoe (Rutgers University) Alejandro Portes (Johns Hopkins University) Lonnie C. Rich (City Council Member, Alexandria, Virginia) Elliot L. Richardson (Partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy and former Attorney General of the United States) David Riesman (Harvard University; signing with exception to cleaning up the polity section) Alice S. Rossi (Former President, American Sociological Association; Amherst, Massachusetts) William D. Ruckelshaus (Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Browning-Ferris Industries; Houston, Texas) George Rupp (President, Rice University) David Rusk (Former Mayor, Albuquerque, New Mexico) Isabel Sawhill (Senior Fellow, The Urban Institute) Kurt L. Schmoke (Mayor of Baltimore) Claudine Schneider (Chair of the Board, Renew America) Richard F. Schubert (President & CEO, Points of Light Foundation) William F. Schulz (President, Unitarian Universalist Association) Philip Selznick (University of California, Berkeley) Albert Shanker (President, American Federation of Teachers) Fred Siegel (Cooper Union) Gillian Martin Sorensen (President, National Conference of Christians and Jews, Inc.) Thomas Spragens, Jr. (Duke University) Margaret O'Brien Steinfels (Editor, Commonweal) Adlai E. Stevenson (Chicago, Illinois) Peter L. Strauss (Columbia University) William Sullivan (LaSalle University) Robert Theobald (New Orleans, Louisiana) Lester C. Thurow (Dean, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Daniel Thursz (President, The National Council on the Aging) Kenneth Tollett (Howard University) Barbara Dafoe Whitehead (Amherst, Massachusetts) Dennis H. Wrong (New York University) Daniel Yankelovich (President, Public Agenda Foundation) American Alliance for Rights and Responsibilities.

The affiliations and titles of those who have endorsed the platform are listed as they were at the time the platform was endorsed.

Organizations are listed for identification only.

The Communitarian Network
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