Amitai Etzioni's Vita - General Biography


Core-member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Summer Institute 1962
Federation of American Scientists 1963-1969
National Board, Americans for Democratic Action 1963-1968
Foreign Policy Commission, Americans for Democratic Action 1964-1969
Fellow, American Sociological Association 1964-
Member, Committee on International Order 1963-1969
Chairman, Committee on International Order 1968-1969
Member, Committee on Nominations and Elections 1966-1967
Member, Committee on Professional Ethics 1967-1968
Member, Committee on the Regulation of Research (American Sociological Association) 1983-1986
Member, Commission on Sociology and Society 1984
Member, Executive Committee of the Eastern Sociological Society 1969-1971
Fellow, Hudson Institute 1964-1969
Sponsor, The Atlantic Council of the United States 1964-1979 Board Member, Canadian Peace Research Institute 1964-1969
Member, Advisory Committee for the National Study on Student Unrest (Amercian Council on Education) 1968-1970
Founding Member, Research Advisory Group of the World Order Models Project. Yale University Law School (World Law Fund) 1969-1971
Member, Commission on Urban Affairs, American Jewish Congress 1969-1971
Member, Science Information Council, National Science Foundation 1969-1974
Member, Administrative Board, Research Institute on Communist Affairs, Columbia University 1970-1974
Member, Social Problems Research Review Committee, National Institute of Mental Health 1970-1972
Member, Board of Open Channel 1971-1974
Member, Sociological Research Association 1972-
Member, Committee on Public Understanding of Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science) 1972-1974
Member, Research Committee on Sociotechnics of the International Sociological Association 1972-1973
Member, Governing Council, American Jewish Congress 1973-1975
Member, Advisory Panel, Population Society 1973-1975
Member, International Society for Research on Aggression 1973-1975
Member, Hudson Basin Project 1973-1974
Member, Council on Foreign Relations 1976-1988
Founding Member, International Society of Political Psychology 1977-
Member, Research Advisory Committee of Resources for the Future 1976-1980
Member, National Research Council Assembly of Engineering Committee on Technology and Health Care, National Academy of Sciences 1977-1979 Member, Animal Kingdom Fund Committee 1978-
Member, Electromagnetic Radiation Management Advisory Council, U.S. Department of Commerce 1979-1982
Board Member, Science Program Group 1978-1979 Member, National Advisory Board, Center for National Policy 1982-1986
Member, Economic Forum, Conference Board 1983-1986
Member, National Advisory Board, Center for National Policy 1987-
Member, Advisory Board, SABE, Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics 1987-1989
Founder and First President, Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics 1989-1990
Member, Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) of the Living Economics/ Living Economy Network Initiative 1988-
Member, National Advisory Committee of the Institute of Government and Public Affairs 1989-
Member, Special Committee on Lawyering in the 21st Century, American Association of Law Schools 1989-
Member, Founding Board, PEGS, Committee on the Political Economy of the Good Society 1992-
Member, New York Times Syndicate 1993-
Member, Council of Advisors, National Civic League 1992-1994
Member, Board of Directors, Character Education 1993-1995
Partnership Member, Advisory Council, Character Education 1995-
Partnership Member, Executive Committee, Character Education Partnership 1993-1994
Board Member, Consortium of Social Science Associations 1994-1995
Member, Advisory Board, The National Fatherhood Initiative 1994-
Member, International Advisory Board, New Israeli 1994 Interdisciplinary University of Law, Management and Technology
Member, AmeriCorps Launch Committee 1994
Founder and First President, The Communitarian Network 1994-
Member, Advisory Board, TIKKUN Magazine 1995-
Member, Citizens For Service Advisory Board 1995-

Editorial Experience:

Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Peace Research 1965-1972
Member, Editorial Board, Administrative Science Quarterly
Associate Editor, American Sociological Review 1965-1968
Member, Editorial Board, Sociological Inquiry 1967-1974
Contributing Editor, Psychiatry and Social Science
Associate Editor, Sociological Abstracts 1968-1971
Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Current Contents,
Behavioral Social and Management Sciences 1969-
Member, Editorial Board, International Journal of Group Tensions 1970-1976
Member, Editorial Board, Social Policy 1970-1974
Member, Editorial Board, Science 1970-1972
Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Administration and Mental Health 1972-1975
Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Social Sciences Citation Index 1972-
Member, Editorial Board, Sage Professional Papers on Administrative and Policy Studies 1972-1974
Member, Editorial Board, Israel Social Science Research 1982-
Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 1983-
Member, Editorial Advisory Board, International Journal of Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing 1983- Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Public Policy 1984-2000
Member, Editorial Board, Futures Research Quarterly 1984-
Member, Editorial Board, Journal of the American Association of University Administrators 1985-
Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing 1985-
Member, Advisory Editorial Board, Journal of Social Behavior and Personality 1986-
Member, Editorial Board, Transaction/SOCIETY 1987-
Editorial Adviser, Work, Employment and Society 1987-1992
Editorial Adviser, Nonprofit Management and Leadership 1989-
Member, Editorial Panel, Management Committee of "Human Relations," The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations 1990-1993
Member, Editorial Review Board, Business Ethics Quarterly, Journal of the Society for Business Ethics 1990-1998
Member, Advisory Editorial Board, Encyclopedia of the Future 1991-
Member, Editorial Council, THESIS: Theory and History of 1991-
Economic and Social Institutions and Structures, Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), USSR Academy of Sciences
Founder and Editor, The Responsive Community 1991-
Member, Advisory Board for New Book Series: Studies in Economic Ehtics and Philosophy, Forschungsinstitut for Philosophie Hannover 1991-
Member, Board of Editors of the International Journal on Group Rights, George Washington University 1992-
Member, Editorial Board, Sociological Practice, 1992- Sociological Practice Association
Member, Editorial Board, "Beitrage zur Soziookonomie" 1994-
Member, International Board, Policy Studies Institute 1995-
Member, Editorial Board, Sociological Perspectives, 1996-1999 San Diego State University


Meir Heifetz for an Essay "Rewards in the Industry of 20th Century U.S. and China," Hebrew University 1952-1953
Faculty Fellowship, Social Science Research Council 1960-1961
Fellow, Center for Advance Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, California 1965-1966
Faculty Fellowship, Social Science Research Council 1967-1968
William Mosher Award for the most distingusihed academic article of the Public Administration Review 1967
Guggenheim Fellowship 1968-1969
Genetic Fix nominated Science Section, National Book Award 1974
Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Contribution to the Nation's Bicentennial Commemoration 1976
Delivered the Abraham Weckstein Memorial Lecture, New York University (March 12) 1977
Guttentag Memorial Lecture. Plenary Session Annual National Meeting, Evaluation Research Society, Washington, D.C., November 4, 1978
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science 1978-
Commencement Address, University of Connecticut June, 1979
Franklin Foundation Lecture, Georgia State University 1978-1979
Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters, Rider College 1980
Wherrett Memorial Lecture, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh 1981
Fellow, Public Agenda Foundation 1981-1982
Member, National Board of Invited Distinguished Jurors. National Forum of Educational Administration and Supervision 1984-1985
George S. Eccles Distinguished Lecture, Utah State University Logan, Utah May 3, 1984
Jane Globus Distinguished Lecture, Baruch College, New York October 19, 1984
Winner, first annual competition for papers in the area of behavioral economics, "Entrepreneurship, Adaptation and Legitimation", The Society for Advancement of Behavioral Economics January, 1986
Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, Governors State University 1987
Lester F. Ward Distinguished Contributions Award in Applied Sociology, Society for Applied Sociology 1987
Distinguished Speaker, Academy of Management Annual Meeting May, 1988
Scientific Achievement Award, Washington Academy of Sciences 1988
Eli Goldson Lecturer, Babson College 1988
Distinguished lectureship speaker, Eastern Sociological Meeting (March, Philadelphia) 1988
The Duncan W. Clark Lecture, Annual Health Conference, Committee on Medicine in Society of the New York Academy of Medicine 1989
The 1990 Annual Conference of the Society for Business Ethics, special Distinguished Scholar presentation, (August, San Francisco) 1990
The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences meeting to honor Amitai Etzioni (November, Amsterdam) 1990
The Consumption of Time and the Timing of Consumption. Toward a New Behavioral and Socio-Economics. Published as a book 1992
Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws, University of Utah, Salt Lake City 1991
Ninth Annual 1991 Jeffrey Pressman Award, Policy 1991 Studies Organization (August, Washington, DC)
Fr. Flanagan Lecture, Catholic Health Association, 1992 (June, Anaheim, CA)
Arthur C. Bachmeyer Memorial Address and Luncheon, American College of Healthcare Executives, (February, Chicago, IL) 1994
Sisters of Mercy Health System, Community in Service to Communities, (March, Houston, TX) 1994
The William Birkett Williams Memorial Lecture, Fairmont Presbyterian Church, (May, Cleveland Heights, OH) 1994
Honorary Degree, Colorado College (May 23, Colorado Springs) 1994
Honorary Degree, Connecticut College (May 28, New London, CT) 1994
Honorary Fellow, Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics 1994
Member, Institute of Medicine 1995-
Distinguised Lifetime Achievement in Nonprofit and Voluntary Action Research, ARNOVA, Cleveland, OH, November 3, 1995
Honorary Degree, Walden University, (March 21, 1997)
Winner, Simon Wiesenthal Center's annual Tolerance Book Award in the name of Bruno Brand for The New Golden Rule (1997)
Honorary member, German Sociological Society (1998-)
The Seventh James Wilbur Award for Extraordinary Contributions to the Appreciation and Advancement of Human Values, Conference on Value Inquiry, April 16, 1998
Sociological Practice Association Outstanding Contribution Award, June 11, 1998
Ware Lecture, 1998 General Assembly of Unitarian Universalist Association, Rochester, NY, June 29, 1998
Justice Louis Brandeis Lecture, 22nd Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium, Boston, April 7, 2000
W.T. McCullogh Lecture, 59th Annual Human Services Institute, Federation for Community Planning, Cleveland, OH, March 14, 2001
Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit, Germany, 2002

Meister Eckhart Scientific Achievement Prize, Identity Foundation of Cologne, Germany, December 9, 2009
Honoray Degree, University of Cologne, Germany, December 9, 2009



Public Health Service on Health Science Administration
Altro Rehabilitation Workshops
United States Office of Education
Office of Economic Opportunity
National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities
Arms Control Disarmament Agency
President's Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence
Advisory Committee on Campus Unrest and Change (Study of the American Council on Education)
Commissioner, Commission on Education for Health Administration 1972-1974
National Center for Health Services Research and Development (Health Care Technology Division) 1973
Ministry of State, Urban Affairs, Canadian Government 1974
National Institute of Mental Health 1978-1979
Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration (ADAMHA) 1978-1979
General Services Administration (GAO) 1978-1979

Elected Office:

Member, Council, American Sociological Association 1983-1985
Member-at-Large, Section K (Social, Economic, and Political Sciences), American Association for the Advancement of Science 1987-1991
Member, Trustee, Executive Council, Association for Social Economics 1991-1992
Trustee, Executive Council, Association for Social Economics
Member, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences 1994
President, American Sociological Association 1994-1995
Ex-officio member, Executive Council, American Sociological Association 1994-1996
Ex-officio member, Budget Committee American Sociological Association 1994-1994


Managing Committee for the American Association for the Advancement of Science Socio-Psychological Prize 1969-1970
The Science in Society Journalism Awards, sponsored by National Association of Science Writers, Inc. 1974
The Douglas MacGregor Memorial Awards, sponsored by the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 1974
The Edward L. Bernay's Foundation Award, sponsored by Emerson College 1974
The Great American Family Award, sponsored by The White House 1985

The Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies
1922 F Street NW, Room 413
Washington, DC 20052