Announcement of Communitarian Essay Contest Winners

The judges for the Communitarian Essay Contest, Professors Daniel Bell, Amitai Etzioni, and Hans Joas, unanimously agreed that none of the essays rise to the level of the first prize. 

They awarded second prize to Robert Ackerman, Professor of Law at Penn State Dickinson School of Law, for his essay, “Taking Responsibility.” The essay is available here.

The judges divided the third prize between two papers, one written by Richard Coughlin, Professor of Sociology at the University of New Mexico, entitled, “Intergenerational Equity Reconsidered: A Communitarian Perspective,” and one by Paul van Seters, Professor of Globalization and Sustainable Development at Tilburg University, entitled, “On Moral Globalization.” Professor Coughlin's essay is available here. Professor Van Seters's essay here.

Honorable mentions are due to papers by:

Colin Farrelly of the University of Waterloo for his paper, “Towards an Economic Theory of Community.”


Kenneth Earl Morris for his paper, “The Need for a Communitarian Theory of Rights”


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