Alice ZhangPresident

Major: International Affairs, Chinese
Year: Senior
Hey everyone! Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I love exploring and meeting new people. I've traveled to Guatemala and India and studied abroad in China and Scotland. Exploring the world is my passion. My favorite hobbies are playing volleyball, eating, and flying kites. Buy me a pack of ramen and I'll make sure you will not regret that decision. My favorite color is blue.

Garrett LouieVice President

Major: Biological Studies
Year: Junior
Hey CASA! I put the 'American' in Chinese American Student Association. It just goes to show that CASA has a place for anyone from any background. Have fun!

Jasmine HuangTreasurer

Major: Business
Year: Sophomore
Hey everyone! I was born in China, but grew up in New York. I was CASA's freshman representative last year and this year, as treasurer, I am in charge of the money!

Jennifer KimSecretary

Major: Business
Year: Sophomore
Greetings everyone! I'm a local to the DMV metro area and I enjoy experiencing new places, people and cultures. Music and sports are my outlets- always up for a soccer or tennis match! I also have a twin sister, just to clear up any future confusion. Get to know us!

Ehren WongProgram Director

Major: Computer Science
Year: Sophomore
Hello everyone! Join CASA. NOW.

Yuhan WuProgram Director

Major: Political Science, Economics
Year: Sophomore
Hello everyone! I was born in China but lived in Cleveland, Ohio for a few years.  I LOVE Chinese food and enjoy learning about different cultures! I love CASA and I can’t wait to meet you all!!! Wolololo…

Colleen TanCo-Publicity Director (Webmaster)

Major: Business
Year: Junior
Hello everyone! Nice to meet you. I'm a Chinese-American from Ohio. I'm very passionate about Chinese culture! And I enjoy art and sightseeing - a.k.a. I love art museums. I love CASA and hope you will too! :)

Tiffany GohCo-Publicity Director

Major: Communications
Year: Sophomore
Hi there! I'm the atypical ABC born and raised in Queens, NY (if you wanna know what I mean by atypical, ask me). I love learning about different cultures, starting from the food. I love art, especially making my own pieces. I also love music, if you have an suggestions, let me know (and if you're looking for some Chinese songs, talk to me). If you want to know more about me or CASA, talk to me. But for now, welcome to CASA! :)

Patrick YuSocial Chair

Major: International Business
Year: Senior
Hey people, I'm from Guam and I'm a senior.

David YangAlumni Chair

Program: Medicine
First name greatest. Last name ever. Like a sprained ankle, boy, CASA ain't nothing to play with.

Lane AllisonExternal Affairs

Major: Asian Studies, Chinese
Year: Sophomore
Hey Everyone, I'm a Chinese adoptee. I was born in Ma'Anshan, Anhui Province and have grown up in Dallas, Texas. I love traveling and meeting new people. I hope to see you all at this years CASA events!!!

Joanna ZhangFreshman Representative

Major: International Affairs
Year: Freshman
My name is Joanna Wenjie Zhang, freshman and currently studying in the Elliott School of International Affairs. I am an international student from China. I grew up in China but spent most of my childhood and adolescent years in Singapore. It is a wonderful start in GW to be on CASA Eboard. I can't wait to meet new friends from all over the world and especially those who share the same cultural background as me!