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University Writing and Research Symposium
The George Washington University

Spring 2009

Foggy Bottom

Sessions at Foggy Bottom will take place in Gelman Library. All sessions will take place on the third floor. An information table will be available on the third floor as well.

The George Washington University Foggy Bottom campus is located on in downtown Washington. Gelman Library is on G St. between 22nd and 23rd streets. Click here for a map of the Foggy Bottom campus.

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Mount Vernon

The quad on the Mount Vernon campus of The George Washington UniversitySessions at Mount Vernon will take place in a number of locations, all directly off the campus's central quad. (See right sidebar for specific rooms.) An information table will be available in the lobby of Post Hall.

The George Washington University at Mount Vernon is located on a 23 acre wooded campus in the Foxhall Road area of northwest Washington, DC, next to historic Georgetown and just ten minutes by shuttle from the Foggy Bottom campus. Click here for a map of the Mount Vernon campus.

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Transportation (Vern Express) Information

The 'Vern Express' in all its gloryThe Symposium locations on the Mount Vernon campus are easily accessed by the "Vern Express" buses that run between GW's Mount Vernon and Foggy Bottom campuses.  The Vern Express runs every 5 to 10 minutes during the times at which the Symposium will take place. The trip typically takes 10 to 13 minutes (though it's perhaps best to assume 15-20 minutes).

On Mount Vernon, the drop off points are at The Quad, across from Somers Hall, the Clock Tower and the Webb Building. The main pick-up/drop-off on the Foggy Bottom campus is at 23rd and H Streets (in front of Fulbright Hall). Prior to 10 a.m., the Vern Express stops instead at 21st and H Streets (in front of the Marvin Center). A second stop (post-10 a.m. on Friday only) is at 20th and E Street. Because on-campus parking is extremely limited on Mount Vernon, taking the Vern Express is strongly encouraged.

Driving and Parking

See Mount Vernon Campus Life's "Directions to The George Washington University Mount Vernon Campus."

For complete information on parking at both Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon, see GW's Parking Services web site, including their student, faculty, staff, and visitor rates. Mount Vernon Campus Life makes the following notes about parking at Mount Vernon:

For those who wish to drive to the Mount Vernon Campus, note that ALL parking MUST occur within the campus boundaries in either the Parking Garage inside the Whitehaven Parkway entrance or the Visitors Lot inside the W Street entrance. The Visitors Lot inside the W Street entrance has meters that are monitored between 7am and 7pm on weekdays. The Parking Garage inside the Whitehaven Parkway entrance is attended between 7am and 10pm on weekdays.  (Please note that this information is subject to change without notice).   For additional information about parking at the Mount Vernon Campus visit Parking Services or call (202) 994-PARK.

Parking by users of the Mount Vernon Campus is not allowed on the streets adjacent to the campus; those who do are subject to fines, towing, and/or University enforcement action.