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University Writing and Research Symposium
The George Washington University
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Audience member Jonathan Asebrook consults his program for the 2007 University Writing and Research Symposium. The George Washington University. Saturday, April 21.AUDIENCE GUIDELINES

An academic conference like the Symposium is meant not simply as a chance to to present finished work, but more importantly as an opportunity for scholars to share work in progress with other scholars and with an engaged audience.

Basic Orientation

The 2008 Symposium will take place Thursday-Friday, April 10-11 at a number of locations on the Mount Vernon campus. On both days, it will run from 10:00-5:15, with a reception at 9:30. On Thursday, April 10, there will be an awards ceremony for the winning designers of this year's Symposium poster.

An information table will be set up in the entrance-area lobby to Post Hall in the Academic Building (large brick building with white columns on the quad). Printed versions of the online program will be available here, as will surveys asking you what you thought of the event.

Attending Guidelines

Visit our pages on "The Art of Asking Questions" and "Responding to Presenters."