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First Year Writing and Research Conference
The George Washington University
See photos from last year's University Writing and
Research Symposium on Flickr or Facebook.

Nida Jafrani presents at the Spring 2007 University Writing and Research Symposium


This semester, the University Writing Program will host the first First Year Writing and Research Conference, which will be held on Wednesday and Thursday Febrary 23 and 24 in Gelman Library. At this event, University Writing 20 (UW20) students from the Fall 2010 who have been nominated by a faculty member will share their research anbd writing experiences with an audience comprised of fellow students, faculty, librarians, and friends. These students will be organized in panels of two or three speakers.

Writing is a social act: Audiences shape writing, and in turn, writing shapes the perceptions and viewpoints of audiences. The mid-semester Symposium is an opportunity for current UW20 students to see the work that their peers produced in classes last Fall and to inspire them as they begin working on their own research projects. The Symposium is also a place for students from the Fall to receive useful, sometimes eye-opening feedback on their own work.

SPONSORSHIP: The Spring 2011 University Writing and Research Symposium was organized by the First-Year Writing Faculty of the University Writing Program, with sponsorship and support from the Gelman Library.