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Thursday October 10, 2013

Session T1 - 10:00-10:50
Room: Ames B101

Panel: Race: In the Media and In Our Homes

MODERATOR: Deborah Gaspar, Instruction Coordinator, Gelman Library

Zach Komes –"The Myth of a Post-Racial America: Analyzing the Role of Racial Priming in the 2012 Election"
Nominating Professor: Michael Svoboda

Macy Morgan –"How Racism Subtly Persists and the Necessity of Its Recognition"
Nominating Professor: Rachel Riedner

Session T2 - 11:20-12:10
Room: Ames B101

Panel: Mobilizing Audiences: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

MODERATOR:Maureen Kentoff, Lecturer, English Department

Sarah Mann –"Masking Criticism with Comedy: How John Stewart and Tina Fey Portrayed Sarah Palin during the 2008 Election"
Nominating Professor: Michael Svoboda

Megan Wissler –"We Use Our Powers for Good: Fandom as an Effective Mobilizing Force" Nominating Professor: Katherine Larsen

Session T3 - 1:00-2:00
Room: Ames B101

Panel: Pop Culture and the Re-Imagination of Women's Roles: From Jane Eyre to Fifty Shades of Grey

MODERATOR:Ann Brown, Instruction, Outreach and Reference Librarian

Teddy Haines –"The Best-Laid Plans of GMs and Governesses"
Nominating Professor: Katherine Howell

Tessa Palladino –"Masochism and Feminism: Conflicting or Complementing Ideologies"
Nominating Professor: Heather Schell

Session T4 - 2:30-3:20
Room: Ames B101

Panel: Flipping? Transcending? Genre Expectations in Warm Bodies and in the Work of Quentin Tarantino

MODERATOR: Daina Eglitis, Assoc. Prof. of Sociology & International Affairs

Nicholas Carr –"Dancing with Mia: Quentin Tarantino Psychology, A Take on High and Low Culture in Society"
Nominating Professor: Katherine Larsen

Rachael Petty –"All You Need Is Love: Surviving Zombies and Other Projections of Inequality"
Nominating Professor: Heather Schell

Session T5 - 4:10-5:00
Room: Ames B101

Panel: Families: The Ties That Bind

MODERATOR: Robert Shepherd, Asst. Prof. of Honors and Anthropology

Chen Li –"Stereotyping Tiger Moms: Time Magazine and the Parenting Style Debate"
Nominating Professor: Wade Fletcher

Andres Saenz –"The Blanche Family Recipe Book: A Treasure, A Testament, and a Symbol" Nominating Professor: Abby Wilkerson

Friday October 11, 2013

Session F1 - 10:00-10:50
Room: Ames B101

Panel: Musical Evolutions and Evolving Masculinities

MODERATOR: Elizabeth Settoducato, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Jina Chong Jeon –"From Electronic Tunes to the Hero’s Artistic Symphonic Movement"
Nominating Professor: Matthew Riley

Audrey Stone –"Meanings of Manhood: An Analysis of The Great Gatsby with a Focus on Masculinity Concerning the Impact of Wealth and Control"
Nominating Professor: Joe Fruscione

Session F2 - 10:00-10:50
Room: Ames B109

Panel: Cooking the Books: Cuisines, Cultures & Currencies

MODERATOR: Phyllis Ryder, Assoc. Prof., University Writing Program

William King –"Of Gangsters and Bakers: Cake Boss, Stereotypes, and the Italian American Identity"
Nominating Professor: Abby Wilkerson

Nathaniel Hurwitz –"The Morality of Economics: Examining Moral Foundations Theory Through a Functional Analysis of the Economic Policies of the 2012 Presidential Debates and Convention Speeches "
Nominating Professor: Michael Svoboda

Session F3 - 11:20-12:10
Room: Ames B101

Panel: Interrogating Traditions

MODERATOR:Matt Riley, Teaching Instructor, University Writing Program

Darius Kamshad –"Intense Sports Rivalries Between Teams and Between Their Fan Bases: The Case of Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur"
Nominating Professor: Katherine Larsen

Catherine Kosse –"The Realities of the Drapers:Examining Nostalgia for the Traditional Family"
Nominating Professor: Caroline Smith

Session F4 - 11:20-12:10
Room: Ames B109

Panel: Women, Media, and the Impact of Stereotypes

MODERATOR:Tina Plottel, Reference, Instruction, and Media Librarian

Polly Gregory –"Bronte and Disney: Masters of Masking Stereotypical Characteristics of Heroines"
Nominating Professor: Katherine Howell

Chau In Lau –"Traditional Views, Legislation, and Media Impact on Leftover Women in China"
Nominating Professor: Wade Fletcher

Session F5 - 11:20-12:10
Room: Ames B207

Panel: Gay Portrayals in the Media

MODERATOR:Derek Malone-France, Exec. Dir., University Writing Program and Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion

Andre Bradley –"It’s Not You; It’s Me: Why Gay Narratives Aren’t Really for Gay Viewers"
Nominating Professor: Caroline Smith

Carl L. Dennis –"The Heteronormative Prescription: Gay and Lesbian Portrayal in U.S. Media"
Nominating Professor: Jee Yoon Lee

Session F6 - 1:00-2:00
Room: Ames B101

Panel: “That’s Not Funny”: Satire, Deliberate and Accidental

MODERATOR:John Danneker, Instructional Librarian / Director of Eckles Library

Patrick Orton –"Tearing The Room Apart: Accidental Satire and the Hijacking of Authorial Intent"
Nominating Professor: Niles Tomlinson

Adeline Sinclair –"She’s No Lady: Academic Wishful Thinking and the Satiric Potential of Drag"
Nominating Professor: Niles Tomlinson

Session F7 - 2:30-3:20
Room: Ames B101

Panel: The 2012–2013 Ethics Prize Winners

MODERATOR: Lowell Abrams, Assoc. Prof. of Mathematics

Briana Gardner –"Involving Rochester's Wives"
Nominating Professor: Katherine Howell

Amina Johari –"The Moral Imperative to Challenge Consensus: Rwanda's Cry for Advocacy Journalism"
Nominating Professor: Mark Mullen

Meredith Pochily –"Dying Nature: The Impact of Hydrofracking on Our Relationship with the Natural World"
Nominating Professor: Edward Helfers

Session F8 - 2:30-3:20
Room: Ames B109

Panel: Money, Religion, and Politics — Oh My!

MODERATOR: Joscelyn Leventhal, Online Education and Off-Campus Services Librarian

Parker Bowling –"Separation of Church and Profanity in Kentucky: Profanity’s Place in Political Speech on Church Grounds"
Nominating Professor: Carol Hayes

Katie Henaghan –"Can Money Buy a Spot in Heaven?"
Nominating Professor: Joe Fruscione

Session F9 - 2:30-3:20
Room: Ames B207

Panel: Feminism in “Un-Feminine” Spaces

MODERATOR: Lauren Kaczmar, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, CCAS

Grace Bailey –"The Romantic Comedy and Feminism in The Major and the Minor"
Nominating Professor: Heather Schell

Patricia Mulondo –"Mad Women: The Effects of Space on the Housewives of 1960 as Portrayed in Mad Men "
Nominating Professor: Caroline Smith

Session F10 - 4:10-5:00
Room: Ames B101

Panel: Slipping Imposed Identities

MODERATOR:Dolsy Smith, Librarian for Religion, Philosophy, and Classics                       

Maya Atta-Mensah –"The Evolution of African American Identity Away from Eugenics Through the Use of Photography During the Early 20th Century "
Nominating Professor: Phil Troutman

Hannah Breckenridge –"Sex Typing, Gender Schemas and Jane Eyre"
Nominating Professor: Katherine Howell

Session F11 - 4:10-5:00
Room: Ames B109

Panel: Managing Mental Health — Then and Now

MODERATOR:  Victoria Browne, PhD Candidate, English Department

Leah Chevan –"Education Transformation: How Distance Learning Helps Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injuries and/or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder"
Nominating Professor: Jee Yoon Lee

Bianca Loscocco –"Women’s Mental Health and Self-Medication in the 1960s and on AMC’s Mad Men"
Nominating Professor: Caroline Smith



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