Equipment Vendors  
  This web page contains a list of vendors for various types of equipment including temperature loggers, soil moisture probes, drilling equipment, active layer probes, and other items. Please feel free to contribute any information.

Temperature Loggers

Onset Computer Corporation
470 MacArthur Blvd
Bourne, MA 02532

Phone: (508) 759-9500
FAX: (508) 759-9100


Manufacture of Hobo and StowAway temperature loggers. Temperature range can be customized. Cost $120-180; depending on unit memory size and number ordered.

Vemco Data Loggers

These mini loggers are made in Canada (Nova Scotia). Mark Nixon (Geological Survey of Canada) uses them along the Mackenzie Valley for deep borehole readings. See for details and excellent picture showing the very small sensor stainless steel housing which protrudes from the end of the pressure case (good to 1000 m), giving them a reasonable time constant. Resolution is quoted at 0.1 degree for -4C to +20C, and they did custom ranges for us for a very small fee. They appear very well made...made by an oceanographic company, actually. About $175 Canadian. Description by Al Taylor (

Phone: (902) 852-4000


Hukseflux Thermal Sensors

Heat flux and soil temperature sensors.

Phone: (902) 852-4000


Microdaq Data Loggers

Small, simple temperature data loggers starting at $59. Also available are data loggers for humidity, light intensity, shock, voltage, and current.

Phone: (877) 275-9606



Measurement Research Corporation
4126 4th St. NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Phone: (253) 851-3200
FAX: (253) 851-4334

Speak to Ms. Pat Martka. No known web site.

Soil Moisture Probes

Vitel, Inc.
14100 Parke Long Ct.
Chantilly, VA 22021

Phone: (703) 968-7575


Manufacturer of Vitel Hydro Soil Moisture Probe. Used with data logger to collect time series. Can also be converted into a portable model; contact Ken Hinkel for details.

Drilling Equipment

Little Beaver, Inc
P.O. Box 840
Livingston, TX 77351 USA

Phone: (409) 327-3121
FAX: (409) 327-4025


Light and heavy duty soil drilling equipment.


Kovacs Enterprise, Austin Kovacs
142 Eastman Hill Road
Lebanon, NH 03766-2103 USA

Phone or FAX: (603) 448-8867


Specializing in ice and soil drilling equipment.


Jon's Machine Shop
Jon Holmgren
1150 Molly Rd.
Fairbanks, AK 99709-6301

Phone: (907) 457-5000
FAX: (907) 455-6987


Soil and ice drilling equipment including coring barrels (CRREL-SIPRE), bits, and heads.

Active Layer Probes

Carter Manufacturing Company, Inc.
4220 Route 42, Mason, OH 45040-1999

Phone: (513) 398-7303
FAX: (513) 398-6231


Custom made soil and snow probes.

Portable Soil Moisture Gauge

E.D.S. Electronics, Eric Sculley
619 Neptune Way
Cincinnati, OH 45244

Phone: (513) 528-7832

For use with the Vitel Soil Moisture Probe.

Radiation Shield

R.M. Young Company
2801 Aero-Park Drive
Traverse City, Michigan 49684 USA

Phone: (231) 946-3980


6-plate model, catalog number 41302, ~$60.

Ice Detector

Jonas, Inc., Otakar Jonas
1113 Faun Rd.
Wilmington, DE 19803

Phone: (302) 478-1373


For monitoring permafrost, sea ice, glaciation, surface ice. Not tested.