Cahill Research Group

July 2013

Back Row: Cecilia Zulato (UNICAMP), Gian Surbella, Korey Carter

Front: Me, Paula Cantos, Sonia Thangavelu & Andrew Kerr



October 2010

Back Row: Sonia Thangavelu, Andrew Kerr, Ilya Kavalerov, Michael Andrews

Front: Nick Deifel, Me, Paula Cantos


Spring 2010: Andrew Kerr, Nick Diefel, Me, Paula Cantos, Clare Rowland, Karah Knope



Fall 2007: Mark Frisch, Me, Dan De Lill, Neely Belai, Karah Knowp, Nick Deifel


October 2004: Dan De Lill, Mark Frisch, Me, Laren Borkowski, Dan Bozzuto, Noel Gunning, Shannon Morrison.


Where are they now:

Shannon Morrison (PhD 2005) Staff Chemist at Southern Clap Products, Louisville, KY.

Lauren Borkowski (PhD 2007) Post-doc at SUNY- Stony Brook

Mark Frisch (PhD 2008) Crystallographer at the Naval Research Lab, Washington, DC

Dan De Lill (PhD 2008) Assitant Professor, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

Karah Knope (PhD 2010) Assitant Professor, Georgetown University

Clare Rowland (BS 2009) Grad student at Northwestern

Dr. Nicholas Deifel (PhD 2013) Assistant Professor, Hampden-Sydney College

Dr. Paula Cantos (PhD 2014)

Dr. Neely Belai (PD 2006-2009) Staff Chemist, FDA, Washington, DC

Dr. Michael Andrews (PD 2010-2012) Post-Doc LBNL


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