March 14, 2006

GW Law School Announces New Creative and Innovative Economy Center

The George Washington University Law School recently announced the formation of a new center — the Creative and Innovative Economy Center (CIEC). The center will foster global intellectual property law research and educational activities by supporting informational and cultural creativity and technological innovation in developing countries. The center debuted in Geneva, Switzerland, at a roundtable discussion for government trade representatives from several dozen developing countries.

The new center seeks to meet the needs for both research and education. The CIEC will conduct research and educational activities that encourage developing nations to embrace creativity and innovation as tools to compete more effectively in the world economy. Stressing a multi-disciplinary approach, the center examines legal, commercial, institutional, and globalization issues pertaining to economic development. Programs will be conducted at GW, in Europe at the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center, and in developing countries around the world.

“Creativity and innovation are the cornerstones of every successful economy,” noted Michael P. Ryan, the center’s director. “The citizens of developing countries are entitled to reap the same economic rewards enjoyed by their industrialized neighbors. We hope our research and educational activities inspire these individuals.”

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