December 2008

Colonial Confessions: What is your favorite winter holiday tradition?

Jamie Freedman, senior writer/editor, University Relations:

For Hanukkah, we cook a mountain of potato pancakes and invite family and friends over for dinner, candlelighting, and presents. Ever since my kids were in strollers, we've been going to Disney World over the break—a tradition that's now been going strong for 15 years.

Heidi Nielsen, hiring and pay services manager, Career Center:

Biking down Wisconsin Avenue in the snow. It’s a real extreme sport!

Magdy Ibrahim, senior project manager, Facilities:

It’s a time for my family to get together. I’m a member of the Coptic Church, which is Egyptian Christian. We celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7, and, for me, the holiday season is more about the fasting period in preparation for Christmas.

Steve Andelman, UPD officer:

Giving presents and hopefully receiving some good ones, too! I’m a big proponent of gift cards.





























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