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March 4, 2003

Specific Support for Seven Areas of Academic Excellence

Biomedical Engineering
• one faculty member
• two graduate assistants

• stipends for three graduate research assistants
• money for professors to prepare classes in world history
• funds to publicize the graduate program
• money to prepare small seminars that would involve the National Security Archive, First Federal Congress, Eleanor Roosevelt Papers projects

Human Evolution
• one faculty member
• one graduate research assistant

Political Science
• staff person for special projects
• money to bring in prospective graduate students for visits
• money for existing graduate students to travel to conferences
• three graduate research assistants

Public Policy/Public Administration
• three graduate assistants in 2002–03
• three additional graduate assistants in 2003–04
• salary for administrative manager for research and grants
• support money for policy research scholars

Sigur Center for Asian Studies
• one faculty member
• two graduate research assistants

Transportation Safety and Security
• money to release faculty from current teaching to develop further curriculum
• money for seminars
• support to develop Federal Highway Administration partnership
• two graduate research assistants


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