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The Dimock Gallery is currently closed. Please check back for future exhibition listings.

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Recent Exhibitions

MFA Thesis Exhibition for Stephanie Kozemchak
Elusive Perception

May 13-17, 2008

Special Saturday hours: May 17, 2008, 11 am-2 pm

Stephanie Kozemchak, Transformation According to the Rules

Elusive Perception, the MFA Thesis Exhibition by Stephanie Kozemchak asks viewers to consider how the reflection, refraction and transparency of light mediates spatial relationships and tranforms the color, shape and the identity of a particular but unarticulated place. The location of a work of art within a specific space asks us to consider other ideas about painting, and to explore the dynamic relationship that exists between viewer, viewpoint, and viewed.

MFA Thesis Exhibition for Sara Hubbs
As Is

April 15-18, 2008

Sara Hubbs, Untitled, latex paint and stabilizer, 24" x 48"

The Dimock Gallery at The George Washington University is pleased to host As Is, the M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition of Sara Hubbs. Hubbs' work stems from an intuition rooted in a long history in the desert and a family business of material experimentation and invention. Through sculpture, painting, and video she explores the ways material mediates the perception of environment, linking aesthetics to a personal, metaphorical, and conceptual realm.

She manipulates plastic, tape, spray-on wall texture, wax, plywood, floor trim, latex, and found objects. In the grist between the old and new, Hubbs experiments with all types of ephemera in her studio, combining objects to watch how they react against one another, take on new connotations, age, and decay. By confronting the valuable, historical, spatial, and temporal aspects of objects, her work strives to comprehend a sense of ritual and place, specifically the specter of the Southwest.

MFA Thesis Exhibition for Michelle McAuliffe
When The Horse Is Dead, Get Off

April 1-4, 2008

Michelle McAuliffe, Can You Read My ABC's?, 2008,
Digital Photograph, Glue, Paint, Tissue Paper, 19"x13"

MFA Thesis Exhibition for Kenny George
Thorougly Amused

March 10-14, 2008

Kenny George, I'll Tell You What I Wanna Do, I Wanna Rock

The Dimock Gallery at The George Washington University is pleased to present Kenny George's Thesis exhibition Thoroughly Amused. Through photographs, lenticular animation prints, and video installation, Thoroughly Amused presents a body of work where George takes on theatrical roles in an attempt to subvert identity politics with slapstick humor.

In I'll Tell You What I Wanna Do, I Wanna Rock, George has engaged his fictional character in an action that is equally as absurd as the environment he occupies. Rocking back and forth with his head between the rails of a rocking chair, the character's head breaks the imaginary line that divides two spaces that are forcefully joined without any logic. And it is through the use of lenticular flip animation that George suspends the viewer with this comical action, relying on them to physically rock side to side in requirement to view the full animation.

Other works in Thoroughly Amused reinforce the contrivance of George's presence in front of the camera, insisting that his character is not a personal surrogate, but instead a means to provide lofty entertainment within a context that pushes to find deeper issues than what is readily available on the surface.

MFA Thesis Exhibition for Gina Tibbott
Tibbott Family Pet Burial Recovery Project

February 26 - 29, 2008

Gina Tibbott, image fromTibbott Family Pet Burial Recovery Project

MFA Thesis Exhibition for YeonHee Ji
Within Conspicuous Unity

February 11 - 15, 2008

YeonHee Ji, Toward Equity: Something that even I don't really grasp, metal and porcelain, 2007

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Tim Barry
Drawing: From Doodles to Visual Dialogue

January 29 - February 1, 2008

Tim Barry
Tim Barry, Puritans, markers, 49-1/2" x 35-1/2"

MFA Group Exhibition
How Many Walls Are There?

January 15 - 18, 2008

How Many Walls...? How Many Walls...?
Works in How Many Walls Are There?

How Many Walls Are There? is a MFA Juried Exhibition curated by the MA Art History Students.

Interior Design Thesis Exhibition

December 4 - 20, 2007

Installation of Interior Design Thesis Exhibition Installation of Interior Design Thesis Exhibition
Installation view of Interior Design Thesis Exhibition

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Hillary Sloate
Natura Morta

November 12 - 21, 2007
Extended Hours: Monday - Friday, 11 am - 3 pm

Hillary Sloate, Barbiensis Pearlatum, 2007, detail, ceramic, glass, dimensions variable

Natura Morta is a mixed media mosaic installation that explores our changing environmental landscape.

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Carolyne King
Fragile States

October 30 - November 2, 2007

Carolyne King, Toward the Still Point, 2007, acrylic and collage on watercolor paper, 24" x 34"

With her new body of work, artist Carolyne King uses her aesthetic language to explore the idea of personal transformation. Utilizing imagery found in microscopic nature, King creates work that mimics both biomorphic microcosms and universal macrocosms, capturing moments of evolution. Humans embody both of these aspects, under the skin and in the world, of nature.

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Paul Chapman
Dust to Dust

October 16 - 19, 2007

Paul Chapman
Paul Chapman, Untitled

Dust to Dust is an abstract photographic exploration of the extraordinary places found within everyday materials.


September 25 - October 5, 2007

Potluck Potluck
Images from Potluck

Interior Design Undergraduate Exhibition

May 15 - 25, 2007

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Brian Hamill
Comfort Food for Thought Crimes

April 24 - May 4, 2007

Brian Hamill
Image from Comfort Food for Tough Crimes

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Larissa Raddell

April 2 - 13, 2007

Larissa Randell
Installation image of Connections

The Faun, the Chick, and the Kegstand: Undergraduate made, Graduate approved

March 6 - 23, 2007

Installation of The Faun, the Chick and the Kegstand Installation of The Faun, the Chick, and the Kegstand
Images from The Faun, the Chick and the Kegstand

What the Cat Dragged In: Art of the Found Object

February 13 - 23, 2007

Installation of What the Cat Dragged In Installation of What the Cat Dragged In
Images from What the Cat Dragged In

MFA Group Exhibition

January 23 - February 2, 2007

A show curated by Kristen Hileman and Anne Ellegood, curators at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

Interior Design Thesis Exhibition

December 12 - 21, 2006

Interior Design Thesis Exhibition is a presentation of interior design MFA thesis projects. Each graduate student is partnered with a professional interior designer for mentoring throughout the project, which benefits the students by providing them with professional feedback. Projects range from a design for a dormitory promoting academic success through the principles of Feng Shui to an Alzheimer's care facility addressing the needs of the entire family, integrating the community to an office, and a conference centerthat creates an environment encouraging cooperation, positive communication, and conflict resolution. The students in the exhibition are Stacey Bran, Anna Kucera, Cherilyn McCall, Caroline McCandlish, Elizabeth Reynolds, Meghan Shea, and Kristin Yeskel.

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Mandy Burrow
Time Spent

November 14 - December 1, 2006

Time Spent: MFA Thesis Exhibition for Mandy Burrow explores issues of death, eternity, and the passage of time in everyday life. Burrow sees transcendence in the commonplace and utilizes a variety of materials from teabags and coffee to old paper and cardboard boxes.

Leanne Juliana
detail of "Keeping" mixed media installation, dimensions variable, 2006

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Leanne Juliana
Experiment and Spontaneity

October 17 - 27, 2006

Leanne Juliana Leanne Juliana
L: "Community," clay with wood backing, 36 x 30 inches, 2006
R: detail from "Self Immolation," clay with wood backing, 18 x 36 inches, 2006

Experiment and Spontaneity: MFA Thesis Exhibition for Leanne Juliana examines the interaction of human personalities using clay, grout, and wood as mediums. She explores the myriad of relationships different individuals participate in on a daily basis. Juliana's vases represent the human psyche and its responses to life, shown as the tiles, spikes, lines, and colors.

Not Dead Yet: Sculpture at GWU

September 26 - October 6, 2006

Student Sculpture Show Student Sculpture Show
Images from Not Dead Yet: Sculpture at GWU

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Mary Yeagley

September 5 - 15, 2006

"Riverscape", terracotta, 3 x 30 x 60 inches, 2006

Mary Yeagley's Ecoscapes includes five of her architectural ceramic pieces dealing with various untouched landscapes. Each piece was carefully designed to illustrate the uniqueness of certain landscapes found on land, under water, and celestial objects. The exhibition will highlight Riverscape, a piece made of terra cotta clay which contrasts swampland and river terrains along the Potomac River, showing the ecological differences between the two types of land. Forestscape, a full wall piece, focuses on the many different ecosystems within the Amazon Rainforest. The multiple panels showcase not only the different layers of the rainforest, but also how the plants and animals interact within their specific environment. The progression between panels gives the viewer a glimpse of the natural landscapes as they were without human influence.

2005-2006 Exhibition Schedule

Exit: Visual Communications Four-Student Show

May 16 - 26, 2006

Exit: Visual Communications Four-Student Show exhibits the work of four graduating students in the Visual Communications Graduate Program. Theodore B. Tucker created a promotional and marketing campaign for "Ted's Bloody Mary Mix." Allie Shaw examines the integration of traditional Chinese calligraphy into modern digital elements by developing several typefaces with elements of Chinese calligraphy and using them in commercial and packaging design. Jill Caniglia's thesis project studies the success of four major advertising campaigns for companies such as Volkswagen and Subway and then applies the principles and ideas used by these campaigns to an original advertising campaign. Lastly, Liani Setyaway applies the style and attributes of a 15th century illuminated manuscript to a modern publication: an interactive brochure of the City Dock section of Annapolis, Maryland.


April 26 - May 5, 2006


B-Sides: A Student Awards Show is an exhibition of works by undergraduate and graduate Fine Arts students.


Maida Withers: A Choreographer's Life

April 13 - 21, 2006

Maida Withers

Through photographs, costumes, and video, A Choreographer's Life showcases GW Professor of Dance Maida Withers and her history as artistic director of the Dance Construction Company along with local and international collaborators. The exhibition celebrates work created over four decades when Withers began to perform and choreograph in the mid-1960s in the nation's capital. Her work parallels the development of the arts in Washington, D.C. The exhibition culminates with displays of propoganda art and other items related to the process involved in the creation of her latest work, Thresholds Crossed.

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Brian Twilley

April 5, 2006, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Brian Twilley

Video still from "Planes", 2-channel video projection with sound, 12 minutes, 45 seconds, 2006

The new-media works in Stills question our perception of time and reality in the 21st century. Large-scale video projections combine with surround sound to create an immersive environment for the viewer to experience. In Planes, a two-channel video projection, two airplanes approach the runway, never to land, but rather dissolving into pixels the closer they come to touching down. The planes are stuck in a never-ending loop, which alludes to the intermittent, yet unceasing din of airline traffic, an endless stream of people returning home. Devil's Cauldron and Marsh are two videos where illusion is created out of reality, or perhaps, a complex reality is revealed through a simple illusion. Digitally recorded along the Oregon coastline and the Potomac River respectively, the resulting files are subtly manipulated on the computer, and then greatly enlarged onto the gallery wall. From these loops a subtle shifting of pixels results, creating a scene in which movement and stillness, noise and silence, truth and fiction are all simultaneously present. These videos hint at the underlying erosion of our grasp on a discernable 'reality effect' within our culture.

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Minjung Kim

March 7 - 24, 2006

Minjung Kim

In Identity, Minjung Kim examines the changing relationship between creating a work of art and the audience's perception of it. The artist conveys the idea that a person is a complex projection of both body and mind. The self as "body" is represented with a variety of materials and written text derived from personal diaries and free associations. The relationship between images and text that characterizes the system of signs in Roland Barthes writing is an important influence to Kim. The exhibition addresses the psychological process involved in looking at artworks, their meaning, and the audience's role in relationship to their own identities.

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Pamela Nabholz
The Physicality of Ballet

February 14 - 24, 2006


January 24 - February 3, 2006

Interior Design Thesis Exhibition

December 13 - 22, 2005

Interior Design Exhibition

Installation view of Interior Design Thesis Exhibition

The GW Interior Design Program, based at GW's Mount Vernon Campus on Foxhall Road, presents an exhibition of M.F.A. thesis projects. Graduate students synthesize their coursework by pursuing a thesis project of interest to them, Each student is paired with a professional interior designer for mentoring throughout the project.

The projects range from a renovation design of the Martin Luther King Public Library to promote cultural activities in the community to transitional housing for homeless families that encourages emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. The students in this exhibition are: Jessica Bauer, Moonjung Choi, Betty Fernandez, Erin Glennon, Gonzalo Gomez, Kristen Gong, Candace Green, Tenecia Harris, Elana Hammerman Mendelson, Alaina Ralph, Maria Ripepi, and Liz Ruby.

Interior Design Exhibition

Design for the main exhibit area of the National Aquarium by Kristen Gong

Bear Bodies: Solo Exhibition by Matthew Velic

November 22 - December 2, 2005

Bear Bodies by Matthew Velic

In his first ever solo show, Matthew Velic brings to the public eye work inspired by a growing subculture in the gay community. Based off bears - men who pride themselves on being big and furry - this work focuses on the physical aspects of these individuals. Working both sculpturally and in video, the works presented are the culmination of issues dealing with identity, both in self and in the community at large.

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Jacob Smith
Faith Healer

November 1 - 11, 2005

Faith Healer consists of several small participatory installations illustrating the interplay of personal faith, therapy, and memory. The artist explores the contrasting yet compatible roles of traditional religion, cultural practice, and psychology in dealing with trauma and loss.

Fear: Graduate Student Exhibition

October 11 - 21, 2005

Synechdoche: Graduate Student Exhibition

September 20 - 30, 2005

Earlier Exhibitions

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