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Clarice Smith: Paintings

May 2 - 29, 2003

Clarice Smith captures the essence of place, individuality of a subject and mood of the moment in her nineteen paintings on view at the Luther W. Brady Art Gallery. She has stated, "I paint the world I live in, the things I know," such as the dynamism of a horse in motion and the heavy atmosphere surrounding a particular road in the Scottish Highlands. Smith infuses conventional stylistic approaches to painting and composition with touches of her own invention. Patterning found in nature, people and objects is of paramount interest to Smith, and serves as the springboard for her compositions.

Khorjin and Mafrash from U.S. Collections

April 10 - 25, 2003

This exhibit features approximately 60 examples of khorjin (two-pouched saddle bags) and mafrash (box-like storage and transport bags). These rare bags represent the epitome of personal Near Eastern textile art in the 19th century. Many objects will be complete with original backs, conveying information rarely seen in any exhibition of like material. Others will be the decorated faces of the bags. The objects will illustrate several structural techniques used in the region: sumak wrapping, kilim and pile, among others. The woolen khorjin and mafrash were woven by nomadic pastoralists and village-based women in Northwest Persia and Transcaucasia and represent some of the oldest bags of their kind to survive.

Annual Awards Show

March 6 - 25, 2003

The Annual Awards Show is the premier show featuring works by undergraduate seniors and graduate fine arts students from The George Washington University's Department of Fine Arts and Art History. The exhibition highlights programs of the department and includes a wide range of media, such as, ceramics, design, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and visual communications. All works on display are eligible for various awards to be granted by a panel of art professionals.

Campus Icons

February 22 - April 2, 2003

Organized for George Washington's birthday celebration, Campus Icons highlights select outdoor sculpture on campus and features the dedication of a new George Washington weathervane, created by the late Travis Tuck and donated by Luther W. Brady. It strives to guide and inform visitors to the University, to offer information on the history and provenance of each sculpture, and to celebrate the process of the artist and donor involvement in the enhancement of the physical environment of the campus.

In Illo Tempore: Recent Paintings and Projects by Vicente Pascual

January 15 - February 22, 2003

"In Illo Tempore" refers to a Latin phrase from the Gospels, and is similar to the English "Once upon a time..." This general sense of being out of the mainstream suggests something eternal, which is the essence of Vicente Pascual's approach to geometric abstraction in his acrylic and ink paintings. Inspired by the rugged Roman walls of his birthplace, the Aragonese city of Zaragoza, Pascual creates paintings that engage the built environment. Architectural texture and form influence Pascual's painted surfaces and are characterized in his color palette, which brings to mind sand, earth and soil. Pascual's work favors centralized arrangements of extremely simple geometric forms on generally monochromatic grounds. His paintings represent a harmonious union between rigor and freedom.

An Eastern and Western Exchange

October 21, 2002 - February 20, 2003

Organized by work-study students, Shayna Kulik and Caroline Park, An Eastern and Western Exchange showcases two recent acquisitions to the George Washington University Permanent Collection: Japanese woodblock prints by Toyokuni and printing blocks carved and used by Luigi Rist in the Japanese printmaking tradition.

A Perfect World: Words and Paintings by Thirty-Six of America's Most Powerful People


October 31 - December 6, 2002

Imagine talking candidly with over 50 prominent Americans, asking each of them to describe their vision of an ideal world. Imagine then asking them to paint a picture of the world they just described. Journalist Debra Trione did just that, and compiled the results into her book entitled, A Perfect World: Words and Paintings from Over 50 of America's Most Powerful People. Depictions by such distinguised figures as James Carville, Alan Dershowitz, Candace Gingrich, Patricia Ireland, Knight Kiplinger, Eleanor Holmes Norton and Nancy Pelosi are exhibited at the Luther W. Brady Art Gallery. For more information on Debra Trione and her book, click here.

America Through the CBS Eye

September 3 - October 18, 2002

In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of CBS, which began broadcasting as a radio network in 1927, The George Washington University presents America Through the CBS Eye, a fine art photo exhibition of memorable images taken by CBS photographers.

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