There is no Riddle to Existence
One's Own View of Reality as the Only Reality is the Most Dangerous of all Delusions
Order and Chaos are not Objective, they are Determined by the Perspective of the Observer
The World is Four-Dimensional
Even is All Scientific Questions can be Answered, the Problems of Life have still not been Touched
Man Exists in a Broad, Complex, and Provate Relation to Life
Man Never Ceases to Seek Knowledge
Man's Quest for Understanding of the Meaning of his Existence is an Attempt at Formalization
Existential Despair is the Painful Discrepancy Between What Is and What Should Be
General Systems Theory as a Model for Human Interaction
Paradox as a Model for Communication Disorders in Psychotherapy
Theoretical Game Model for Concept of Interdependence
Feedback and Circulatory as a Model for Interaction
Mathematical Function and the Concept of Relationship in Communication
Communication as Metamathematics
Theory of Levels of Language and Theory of Logical Types
The Concept of Calculus in Metamathematics as an Analogy for Metacommunication