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In The News – 2011

December 2011
Richard Grinker, professor of anthropology, was lead investigator for the study "The Epidemiology of Autism in South Korea," listed as one of the Editor's Choices 2011 in Nature.

21 December 2011
Gregg Brazinsky, Associate Professor of History and International Affairs, published an Op-Ed about the death of Kim Jong-Il in the Chicago Tribune.

20 December 2011
Gregg Brazinsky, Associate Professor of History and International Affairs, discusses the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and its implications for regional security and U.S. foreign policy at The Elliott School of International Affairs.

5 December 2011
GWU professors R. Richard Grinker and Joel Kuipers commented on the American Anthropological Association's revised code of ethics in an article by the GW Hatchet.

5 December 2011
Recent Elliott School graduate Chayut Setboonsarng published an article in East Asia Forum on the politics of flood disaster relief in Thailand.

11 November 2011
Assistant Professor of Chinese Language and Literature Liana Chen served as NPR's historical linguistics consultant in October. She recited lines from the Kunqu Opera classic Mudan ting (The Peony Pavilion).

11 November 2011
Professor of East Asian Languages and Literature Young-Key Kim-Renaud received the 2011 "Honorable Korean Award" from the Korean American Foundation. She also co-authored "Agreement in Korean Revisited" in Inquiries into Korean Linguistics with Assistant Professor of Korean Miok Pak.

11 November 2011
Assistant Professor of Chinese Phyllis Zhang was elected to the Board of Directors of the Chinese Languages Teachers Association.

11 November 2011
Assistant Professor of Japanese Takae Tsujioka published "Idioms, Mixed Marking, and the Base-generation Hypothesis for Ditransitives in Japanese," in the Journal of East Asian Linguistics.

4 November 2011
Mike Mochizuki, Associate Dean, Professor, and Sigur Chair at GWU, published a special commentary on on the issue of U.S. military base plans for Japan.

October 2011
2001 and 2006 Sigur Center Field Research Grant recipient, Jamie Reilly (PhD, The George Washington University), recently published Strong Society, Smart State: The Rise of Public Opinion in China's Japan Policy, a direct spinoff from his 2006 research project.

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7 October 2011
Dr. Benjamin D. Hopkins, a historian at GWU, co-authored a New York Times op-ed on Afghanistan ten years after the US invasion.

29 September 2011
Dr. David Shambaugh did an interview with China-US Focus on China's role in the world as a new global power. He also delivered a lecture at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies on "US-China Relations: Fragile Stability" and "China and Global Governance: Past and Future."

27 September 2011
Alex Huang, Associate Professor of English, Theatre, and International Affairs at GW, gave a talk at the Edinburgh International Festival in August, where he discussed the importance of worldwide Shakespeare performance today. While in Edinburgh, Alex made two guest appearances on the BBC 2 television program "The Review Show" and BBC Radio's "Classics Unwrapped" to explore the history of touring theatre and global Shakespeare.

26 September 2011
Governor Hirokazu Nakaima of Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, discussed "The Futenma Relocation Issue" at the Elliott School. His speech was the luncheon keynote at the all-day conference The Okinawa Question: Regional Security, the US-Japan Alliance, and Futenma. (Click here for the Japanese version.)

22 September 2011
Dr. Jeffrey Hornung, who received his Ph.D. from GWU and is a former Sigur Center grantee, published an article about the risks of "disaster nationalism" in Japan.

15 September 2011
Professor Henry R. Nau discusses his recently released book Perspectives on International Relations: Power, Institutions, and Ideas and reflects on the transformation of the International Affairs field in recent decades.

July 2011
Professor Alasdair Bowie (Political Science) was awarded a US-Indonesia Society (USINDO) travel grant for 2011-2012 for his project on democratization and decentralization in Indonesia. Professor Bowie is currently in Vietnam on a Fulbright fellowship. He is a previous recipient of Sigur Center fellowship support.

30 June 2011
Professor David Shambaugh's op-ed contribution, "China's Communist Party at 90" was published in The New York Times.

26 June 2011
Professor David Shambaugh's Washington Quarterly article "Coping with a Conflicted China" was quoted in the Boston Globe article "How China Sees the World," which discusses the different schools of thought concerning Chinese foreign policy.

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24 June 2011
Yufeng Mao (Ph.D. The George Washington University) published "A Muslim Vision for the Chinese Nation: Chinese Pilgrimage Missions to Mecca during World War II" in The Journal of Asian Studies. Mao was awarded a Sigur Center Summer Research grant in 2006.

23 June 2011
Professor David Shambaugh's Washington Quarterly article "Coping with a Conflicted China" was quoted in an Economist article "Universalists v exceptionalists" in China.

8 June 2011
Professor David Shambaugh hailed the Communist Party of China's achievements over the past 90 years, but said tackling corruption remains an urgent task for the party in China Daily.

2 June 2011
Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi met with Professor David Shambaugh and other U.S. Scholars, who came to attend the Symposium on "China-U.S. Relations in a Global Context," as documented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the PRC.

11 May 2011
The Sigur Center's conference "Taiwan and Evolving Cross Strait Relations" was featured in a Taipei Times article "Unification looms: US Academic." GWU Professor Robert Sutter suggested that under the Ma administration, Taiwan's freedom of action had eroded in the face of growing Chinese influence.

14 April 2011
Sigur Center scholar Robert Weiner testified in a Congressional hearing on "Recent Oil-Market Developments: Causes and Implications." He appeared before the Committee on Small Business, Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy, and Trade in the United States House of Representative.

6 April 2011
Assistant Professor of Japanese Language and Literature Leo Hanami was featured in an GW Today article covering the efforts among many GWU students and faculty to help raise funds for the ongoing relief efforts in Japan.

4 April 2011
Sigur Center scholar Robert Weiner featured in an GW Today article discussing the rising price of oil and the nation's dependence on foreign fuel.

25 March 2011
GWU's Gelman Library Global Resources Center has compiled a timely research guide on information related to the recent tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan entitled "Japan: Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis Information."

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March 2011
The Sigur Center was featured in the March 2011 Elliott School Dean's Briefing. The briefing recognized the important research efforts of the Sigur Center's Rising Powers Initiative, the recent activities of the Organization for Asian Studies (OAS), and the generous financial support for students pursuing Asian languages abroad, field research, internships, and conference presentations.

March 2011
Sigur Center Associate Director Deepa Ollapally's article "The Pragmatic Challenge to Indian Foreign Policy" was published in the Spring 2011 issue of The Washington Quarterly.

March 2011
Director of the Language Center and Professor of Japanese and International Affairs Shoko Hamano and Professor of Japanese Wakana Kikuchi-Cavanaugh, won the MERLOT Award for Exemplary Online Learning Resources for their "Visualizing Japanese Grammar" learning materials.

22 January 2011
Sigur Center Associate Director Deepa Ollapally received a Community Service Award from the National Council of Asian Indian Associations for contributions to the study of important aspects of US-India relations.

19 January 2011
Professor of Chinese Jonathan Chaves and GW freshman Joshua Sloan discussed US students' growing interest in learning Chinese on NPR's All Things Considered. You can read or listen to the story here.

20 January 2011
First lady Michelle Obama spoke to 30 GWU Asian Studies students, among others, at a Howard University forum on Wednesday about President Obama's "100,000 Strong Initiative" in China and studying abroad. An article about the event can be found here.

19 January 2011
Professor David Shambaugh's comments about Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to the U.S. feature in The Wall Street Journal, the Christian Science Monitor, and the Financial Times. His op-ed contribution "Of U.S.-China Summits, Past and Present," appears in today's New York Times.

19 January 2011
Professors Mike Mochizuki and David Shambaugh were quoted in a PBS Newshour article entitled, "Hu's Visit Highlights U.S.-China Rivalry, Need for Pragmatism."

18 January 2011
Professor David Shambaugh's latest research on China for The Washington Quarterly was featured in a World Politics Review article.

17 January 2011
Professor David Shambaugh's recent commentary for The Brookings Institution was quoted in a Guardian article entitled, "China sends celebrity ad campaign to prime US for Hu Jintao's state visit."

12 January 2011
Professor David Shambaugh's article "Stabilizing Unstable US-China Relations? Prospects for the Hu Jintao Vist" was published online in The Brookings Institution's Brookings Northeast Commentary.

January 2011
The Ford Foundation recently awarded the Elliott School's China Policy Program, directed by Professor David Shambaugh and affiliated with GW's Sigur Center for Asian Studies, a significant grant to convene policy dialogues and scholarly conferences as part of the multinational project, "Integrating China Globally: Bilateral and Regional Dialogues." The project will address key issues surrounding China's domestic evolution and international posture. Read the full release HERE.

January 2011
Professor David Shambaugh's article "Coping with a Conflicted China" was published in The Washington Quarterly.

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