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Career Development Fellowships


Career Development Fellowships are intended to assist students who are working/interning either full- or part-time and are pursuing or wish to pursue graduate (Master's level) study at GW to enhance their knowledge and skills. Assumed is that these students will add the dimension of real world experience to the classroom and that they will, in turn, employ the new knowledge and skills from their courses at GW in the workplace.


Employed full- or part-time in a position (job or internship, paid or unpaid) directly related to the student's degree program. (GW employees are not eligible) In accordance with University policy, full-time students may not have full-time jobs. Current or incoming GW graduate students with a minimum 3.4 GPA who have been accepted to one of the Master's degree programs listed below. (Students enrolled in off-campus locations are not eligible)

Note: These are not simply areas of study, but are specific Master's degree programs. Students who are not in one of these specific programs on the Foggy Bottom campus are not eligible to apply and will not be considered, regardless of whether their area of study is related. Click here for the complete list of accepted Master's programs.

Registration Requirements

Priority will be given to students who are studying full-time, but a limited number of awards will be given to students who are studying part-time (and may be employed full-time). Full-time students must be registered for at least three courses (9 credit hours) per semester. Part-time students must be registered for two courses (6 credit hours) per semester. These requirements do not apply to students in their last semester who need only one or two courses to complete their programs.


Awards will cover 50% of tuition (excluding fees).

For more information, please visit the Office of Graduate Student Assistantships & Fellowships.

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