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Each year The Sigur Center hosts Visiting Scholars from around the world, who are selected on a highly competitive basis to conduct research related to Asia.

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Visiting Scholars in Residence at The Sigur Center

Since the scholars do not always come into the office, it is easier to contact them via email than phone.


Jung-Chul LEE, South Korea
Affiliation: Associate Professor, Soongsil University, South Korea
Research topic: "After Sanctions: What Next for the Korean Peninsula?"


HongzhongHongzhong Liu, China (P.R.C.)
Affiliation: Professor of School of International Studies, Liaoning University, China
Research topic: "The Changing Trade and Investment Relations and FTA among China, Japan and Korea."


Satoru MORI, Japan
Affiliation: Professor, Hosei University, Japan
Research topic: "U.S. Regional Strategy in Asia since 1971"


Kailei Yasuhiro OKUDA, Japan
Affiliation: Associate Professor, Department of British and American Studies, Aichi Prefectural University, Japan
Research topic: "The US-UK Relationship and the Making of the Post-War Asian Order"


Kailei Kailei YAN, China
Affiliation: Associate Professor, The College of Art and Communication, Tongji University, China
Research topic: "Study of Contemporary Documentary Filmmakers in China and the U.S."


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