Sept. 21, 2004

Ivory Tower Opens

Students Move into GW’s Newest Residence Hall Facility

By Greg Licamele

With the opening of Ivory Tower, GW took another step to meet its goal, and the aims of the community, to house more students on campus while providing commercial services to the neighborhood.

“This residence hall brings the University ever closer to meeting the campus plan goal for undergraduate housing by the 2006–07 academic year,” said GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg. “The addition of 728 beds on campus allows more undergraduates to reside in on-campus housing than ever before.”

The 319,000-square-foot residence hall features 10 floors of residential apartments, two underground parking levels, computer labs and a first floor public food court, which includes five retail and food service venues.

“Foggy Bottom residents voice two concerns consistently,” said DC Councilman Jack Evans. “They want GW to house more students on campus and they want to see more community-serving retail. The Ivory Tower is a step toward addressing both issues by housing over 700 students on campus and providing public food and grocery options.”

Robert Chernak, senior vice president for student and academic support services, said the 23rd Street area is now a new hub of campus with Ivory Tower, Townhouse Row and the Lerner Health and Wellness Center all opening within the last three years.

“It’s a lively place and it will be even more lively at the Smith Center because we’re going to have an unbelievable basketball season,” Chernak said. “The new business school will be opening soon, too, so there’s been a shift to that part of campus.”

Chernak added there has been a shift in students who are choosing to reside on campus instead of off campus.

“There’s been an increase in the residential student population,” Chernak said. “As we build more attractive housing options, we’re going to see a greater level of occupancy.”

As plans are underway to celebrate Ivory Tower later this fall, the University could break ground on another residence hall providing 379 additional beds at 2025 F St. later this year. The University also is targeting the addition of more beds in existing on campus facilities through a reconfiguration of existing space.

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